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Entertainment: Here it starts (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 301 from Monday 27 December

The Reina del Flow Season 2: Carolina Ramírez (Yeimy) is not happy with the end

 The Reina del Flow Season 2: Carolina Ramírez (Yeimy) is not happy with the end season 2 of the Reina del Flow is still in the top 10 netflix. The new episodes of the Colombian series tell the rest of the adventures for Yeimy Montoya / Tamy Andrade (Carolina Ramírez), Charly Flow (Carlos Torres) and Juancho (Andres Sandoval). And while the final did not unanimity in the fans, the main actress is not happy either of the end.

Ici tout commence (spoilers) : le résumé en avance de l’épisode 301 du lundi 27 décembre © Screenshot TF1 Here it starts (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 301 from Monday 27 December Teyssier Announces the names of the two people who will represent the Institute during the competition of the best school in France, in here everything begins. Enzo and Lionel are jealous, and Louis has an idea to trap Teryssier and force him to choose him.

Monday, December 27 in here everything starts ... Charlene ( pola petrenko is unveiled on Instagram ) Repeats to Louis ( Fabian Wolfrom reveals her relationship with Aurélie Pons ) that his new recipe on Friday was really delicious. " I'm counting on this dish to participate in the Best School of France Contest," The Young Man Announces him. But Charlene is not sure that his father will choose to form the binomial that will represent the Auguste Armand Institute. Louis does not agree because he is convinced that when he will taste his dish, Teyssier will have no choice but to choose it.

Tomorrow belongs us (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 1083 Tuesday, December 21

 Tomorrow belongs us (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 1083 Tuesday, December 21 © Capture TF1 Tomorrow belongs us (spoilers): the summary in advance of episode 1083 of Tuesday, December 21, Survey ahead of Jack's aggressors, but the raven is preparing to crack again. Nordine hesitates to reveal his identity to Martin. Xavier takes a radical decision vis-à-vis Chloe. Tuesday, December 21st in Tomorrow belongs to us ... Aurore interview Nathan ( Adher ) on Jack's aggression and on the videos.

Enzo is jealous of Maxime

Teyssier summoned all students to announce that the Institute was chosen to accommodate other schools for the contest in question. A journalist will come to make an article on the event. He also announces the pair that he has retained. This is Clotilde for the teaching side, and Maxime, for students. Enzo is jealous and is tired that it is always the latter that is chosen. He complains to Anaïs because he would have liked to participate in the contest. Later, Enzo and Lionel attack Maxime. They do not accept that Teyssier has chosen.

Louis then causes Maxime ( Clément Rémiens leaves here everything starts but will play his last scenes in tomorrow belongs to us ) saying that with Clotilde, he is not too lucky to win. He suggests that he wants to take the place of his sister. Later, Louis finds Teyssier to make him taste his dish. But the latter descends his soar dish. Once alone with Charlene, Louis reveals that he will stuck Teyssier when the contest journalist will be present, for him to choose him.

Among us: RTL takes the series from the program!

 Among us: RTL takes the series from the program! "Among us" fans must now be very strong, because around the upcoming holidays RTL strokes the series to put on a special holiday program, and we have to wait a little longer before we know how it is at Britta , Easy and Co. continues! © RTL / Filip Warchalowski "Under us" failures at Christmas and New Year Which days are accurately affected? Until the 23rd of December, the current consequences of "under us" run as usual at 5.30 pm on TV.

Deva is engaged to another man

Souleymane does not understand why Devena does not want to try anything with him. She tells him that she wants to focus on her classes. Later, Deva confides in Clotilde. She reveals to him that Souleymane will please him, that they kissed but she does not want to go further. Clotilde advises him to tell him the truth. Later, during his course with Souleymane, Deva told him why she can not be with him : She will get married with another man. It's an arranged marriage. Souleymane does not understand this situation, which annoys Deva, who prefers to leave.

Eliott uses his father

to the roommate, there is a water leak. The young people try to contact a plumber but they do not find anyone available before three weeks or the prices in this holiday season are exorbitant. Greg offers Eliott ( Nicolas Anselmo confides on turning with real babies ) to call his father because he is plumber. His boyfriend is not very packaged by this idea because, even if it goes better, their past remains complicated. Greg and Jasmine insist. He ends up accepting him. Eliott's father then repairs the flight and discovers the new life of his son with Greg, Jasmine and Nael. He makes a remark that Eliott takes bad. His father gets back and tells him that he is blown because they take care of the baby. He finds that they form a real family. Eliott thanks him and tells him that he would like to remind him for something other than a water leak next time.

Remembering Betty White: a look at the longest TV career in history .
With a career that spans over 80 years, Betty White worked longer in television than anyone else in the industry, and by a long shot! Both young and old generations knew her to be a spunky lady with a surprisingly darling appearance for the jokes she committed to, and, of course, she was best known for her roles as Rose Nylund on ‘The Golden Girls’ and Sue Ann Nivens on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.’ But her career and her influence on the industry, particularly for women, had a much farther reach than those roles, iconic as they are. Click through this gallery to get a brief but dazzling recap of Betty White’s incredible career.

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