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Entertainment: Quavo sued over alleged attack on limo driver

Four soldiers killed in Mali attack, army says

  Four soldiers killed in Mali attack, army says A dozen more soldiers seriously injured after their patrol was ambushed by fighters in western Mali.The attack occurred late in the afternoon on Wednesday near the town of Nara, about 30km (19 miles) south of the border with Mauritania.

Quavo is facing a lawsuit from a Las Vegas limousine driver who alleges the rapper and his entourage assaulted him.

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The Migos rapper, real name Quavious Marshall, is being sued by the chauffeur, who claims the alleged attack occurred on 3 July when he failed to pick up one member of Quavo's party, according to files obtained by TMZ.

The driver claims he was hired to take Migos and their group from a local club to the Virgin Hotel but matters got ugly when his passengers started yelling at him for leaving someone behind.

In the documents, the driver claims he was told to "shut the f**k up" before someone threw a bottle at him. Five passengers then allegedly attacked him by repeatedly punching and kicking him, leaving him with multiple injuries.

The plaintiff claims hotel staff and security did not step in to stop the fight, as they fled for safety inside the hotel.

He alleges the incident left him suffering physical and mental pain and disfigurement. He is suing Quavo, the Migos Touring firm and the hotel for unspecified damages.

Representatives for the rap group are yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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