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Entertainment: M6 becomes the majority of Stéphane Plaza Real Estate

Stéphane Bern soon candidate for elections? The facilitator announces great news!

 Stéphane Bern soon candidate for elections? The facilitator announces great news! On December 28, in an interview with, Stéphane Bern spoke of his future, in politics ... © derajinski Daniel / Abaca December 28, in an interview with, Stéphane Bern talked about his future, politics ...

Une agence immobilière Stéphane Plaza à Paris, en avril 2020. © Evidence David A real estate agency Stéphane Plaza in Paris, in April 2020.

with 49% of the capital held, the group M6 was already part of the main furniture of Stéphane Plaza Immobilier. By acquiring an additional 2%, it is simply become on Monday the majority shareholder of the network of real estate agents of the shower of emissions glorifying real estate agents on the chain. The Nicolas de Tavernost Group has invested € 2.5 million in the franchise to increase its total to 51%.

Created in 2014, this brand has since experienced exponential growth, coming upside down the real estate agency market. "It is undeniably the network of agencies that grew the most in seven years" Note Jean-Marc Torrollion, President of the National Federation of Real Estate (FNAIM). With more than 660 franchises, he completed a turnover of 16.5 million euros in 2020 against 1.9 million in 2015. The net profit of the company rises at almost 6 millions of euros.

Jean Imbert Fi Critics on Her Arrival At Plaza Athenee: "It has more impacted my parents than me"

 Jean Imbert Fi Critics on Her Arrival At Plaza Athenee: © Agency / Bestimage Jean Imbert does fi critics on his arrival at Plaza Athénée: "It has more impacted my Parents as me " During his appointment at the head of Plaza Athénée, Jean Imbert has not been spared by critics. But the latter do not seem to have affected the chef, unlike his loved ones ... Jean Imbert succeeded, this summer, in Alain Ducasse within the cuisines of the Plaza Athenaeée, a prestigious starry establishment located in the heart of Paris .

"Quite formidable competition"

A case that works for the real estate agent who has become a television facilitator. Search apartment or house, apartment hunters, house for sale: the many programs it presents around the same theme, broadcast and rebroadcast tirelessly for more than 15 years on the Group's chains of the M6 ​​group, have undoubtedly contributed to giving a very image Positive and an additional notoriety in Stéphane Plaza real estate. And to blush competing brands in this sector. "It has been perceived as a fairly formidable competition" comments Jean-Marc Torrollion of the Fnaim.

Today, the company of Stéphane Plaza is the fourth of France in terms of implantation, as a turnover, behind orpi, Century 21 and Laforêt. The pill is all the more hard to swallow for the latter competitor that there are two elders of this network that presided over the growth of the facilitator, one of them remaining in the controllers. However, Stéphane Plaza denies all venality. In 2019, it guaranteed the Paris "not to be motivated by the money" . Still, after this new financial transaction, the facilitator remains in the capital of his own company: "The participation of Stéphane Plaza remains intact and his responsibilities unchanged"

specified the M6 ​​group in his communiqué. X1

commercial real estate: Office market in Cologne Records .
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