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Entertainment: Real Estate Credit: Borrowers are older than before

Real Estate New: a big late delivery can cancel the sale

 Real Estate New: a big late delivery can cancel the sale that says real estate site says very often late delivery. The Pandemic of Covid-19 only increased this problem. A decision of 14 December 2021 of the Paris Judicial Tribunal, spotted by FIGARO makes it possible to see more clearly on the position of justice on these issues. The case opposes a buyer who opted for a sale in the future state of completion of a property in March 2017. The deed of sale provides for a delivery of its property by June 30, 2018. But the delays accumulate.

in 2021, the French borrowed more than usual. Banks have lent between 230 and 240 billion euros to individuals in order to finance a real estate credit, relates Le Figaro. However, the recommendations of the High Financial Stability Council (HCSF), issued in January 2021 and compulsory since this year, have had effects on loans granted. Borrowers are older than before. 25% of borrowers are between 30 and 34 years in 2021 against 32% in 2020, figure artemis brokerage. The average age of the broker's clientele is 33 years old, all Loan projects combined. And what whatever their duration.

questioned by the daily, Ludovic Huzieux, co-founder of Artemis Courtage considers that the fact that no longer be able to borrow over more than 25 years and not to exceed a 35% debt ratio of net income, "gives A borrowing borrowing bonus that already have a well-installed career with more comfortable salaries. " According to him, the recommendations of HCSF are also responsible for a very slight decline in the number of primary accents. While 44% of the borrowers bought real estate for the first time in 2020, they were only 40 in 2021. But as in 2020, two-thirds of the buyers crossed the pace.

Real Estate Prices: Most Fragile Household Bomb Train Station

 Real Estate Prices: Most Fragile Household Bomb Train Station © Flashpop / Getty Images Real Estate Prices: Bomb Train Station for Most Fragile Households Prices and the number of transactions has reached Records in 2021 ... However, the CENTURY 21 network warns of a "elimination" risk of the most modest households in the real estate market. More purchases, rising prices ... 2021 was a "record" for ancient real estate in France but it may "eliminate the most modest" market, according to the network of agencies CENTURY 21.

Rental investors not spared

The new rules also affect rental investors. "Of the twelve years of artemis brokerage, the number of rental investors was still between 17 and 22% of the total number of borrowers," says Ludovic Huzieux. But in 2021, he dropped to 11.15% in 2021. On the MASTEOS side, a start-up specialized in the rental board, there is also a change, but it is more nuanced. "This standard affects only very large multi-investors, or a tiny one of the investors, who can no longer do as much investment as before," says Thierry Vignal, his president, in Figaro. For other subscribers of a real estate credit, he believes that "the constraints are light, with a length of credit at 25, which is long, and a borrowing capacity that increased from 33 to 35%".

Donald Trump and children preloaded at court

 Donald Trump and children preloaded at court New York. The ex-US President does not want to talk about the business practices in his real estate company, certainly not in court. Now the New York General Officer invites you to Donald Trump also his children. © Kay Nietfeld The headquarters of Donald Trump's real estate company in New York (archive photo of 2018).

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Professionals also put another effect: the lengthening of borrowing times. On average, the duration is now longer four months. Until 2021, she had never been so long with an average duration of 240 months, ie 20 years, according to the figures of the Credit Housing Observatory. In the case of primary accessors, this average increased by six months, reaching 23 and 1 month. Despite a tightening of borrowing conditions, real estate credit simulation requests are rising and projects concerning more houses.

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