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Entertainment: The radio hearings are rising, France Inter remains the favorite frequency of French

Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen kick off the French Presidency of the EU

 Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen kick off the French Presidency of the EU © Reuters / Gonzalo Fuentes French President Emmanuel Macron alongside the President of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen, the January 7, 2021, at the Elysée. Emmanuel Macron welcomed the members of the European Commission in Paris to launch Friday the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In particular, they paid tribute to the Pantheon to Jean Monnet and Simone Veil, two pillars of European construction.

Un studio radio de France bleu. © Yves-Marie Quemener / West-France A Radio Studio de France Bleu.

Médiamétrie has published, this Thursday, January 14, the radio hearings for 2021, with a renewed auditors over the year, without finding the level of preview Covid. On the podium of the most listened frequencies: France Inter, RTL and FranceInfo.

The radio audience found colors in November-December 2021, without finding its predecessor level Sanitary crisis , with nearly 41 million daily auditors, this embellished taking advantage of France Inter who is needed.

According to the data published Thursday, January 13 by mediamétrie, the number of daily auditors of the radio, all stations combined, reached 40.8 million between November 1 and December 26, or 429,000 additional auditors in one year and 178 000 more compared to September-October.

to Rangeni: Juves Bonucci must pay 10,000 euros

 to Rangeni: Juves Bonucci must pay 10,000 euros Italy's Football European Champion Leonardo Bonucci has to pay 10,000 euros penalty because of a confrontation during the Italian Supercup. This decided the Sports Court of Series A. © Marco Alpozzi / Lapresse / AP / DPA / Archival image The defender of Juventus Turin fell shortly before his interiors in a dispute with an official of Inter Milan.

This embellished compared to last year is explained by the lack of restrictions on displacements, which had dropped the listening of the radio between an reconformation imposed in November and the establishment of an covered. National fire in December.

In this context more conducive, France Inter retains its most listened to France status with nearly 7 million listeners and a stable cumulative hearing of 12.7%, despite the fall of its hearing on one year (-1.1 point to 13.6%).

nearly 450,000 daily listeners less on Europe 1

"It is a plebiscite for the public service in general and for France Inter in particular", for Laurence Bloch, director of France Inter, who sees in this result " The proof that, when one respects the listeners far from the clash and the controversy, they are at the rendezvous ".

Radio: Death of André de Rocca, well-known voice of the auditors of France Blue Provence

 Radio: Death of André de Rocca, well-known voice of the auditors of France Blue Provence © Allili Mourad / Sipa Radio: Death of André de Rocca, well-known voice of the listeners of France Bleu Provence is all A region that is plunged into mourning: journalist Marseille André de Rocca, regular speaker of France Bleu Provence, died at the age of 78 years. " is something I've always loved: whether in spoken journalism or written journalism, I want to tell things, I want to make people dream ...

RTL remains the second Radio de France with a cumulative hearing of 11% (-0.2 points in one year) and 6 million daily auditors. "It's really a very good performance for us," welcomes RaVanas, General Manager of the M6 ​​Group's radio activities.

FranceInfo consolidates its third Radio de France place, won a year earlier, with nearly 4.7 million daily auditors and a cumulative audience of 8.5%, however down 1 over one year. "Our results are at a good level, in the high high of the hearings of the chain," comments Jean-Philippe Baille, director of Franceinfo.

The public radio is sealed by NRJ (8.1% cumulative audience, +0.1 point in one year). In the rest of the ranking, Skyrock progresses (6.2%, +0.2 point), RMC remains stable (6.1%) and France blue decline (6%, -0.2%).

Radio index, grouping of 130 local, regional and thematic stations, are strongly progressing (+1 point to 14.3% cumulative hearing).

, on the other hand, Europe 1 falls in one year with 4.2% cumulative hearing (-0.8 point) and 448,000 daily listeners less.

Hyper Weekend Festival: The event brings together the French scene at the radio and music .
The first edition of the Hyper Weekend Festival begins Friday night and until Sunday at the home of the radio and the Music. On the program: many young artists and revelations in concert ... and others more confirmed like Jean-Michel Jarre, Alex Beaupain, or Clara Luciani, for creations.

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