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Entertainment: Bielefeld: As Kramer brought the shamrock luck

Bundesliga: BVB Resimer allegedly prior to change

 Bundesliga: BVB Resimer allegedly prior to change The VFL Bochum is supposed to look at Borussia Dortmund in search of reinforcement. This reports the picture-newspaper on Tuesday evening. © Provided by Spox In the storm of Borussia Dortmund Steffen Tigges (23) continues to be ready behind Erling Haaland as a Joker. According to the report, the Bochums should be interested in Dortmund's Steffen Tigges (23).

with Arminia's opponent Next Sunday evening, Frank Kramer has a special relationship. Many years played and coaches the Bielefelder coach for the francs. Now the friendship must rest again for a good 90 minutes.

Trifft auf seinen Ex-Klub: Bielefelds Trainer Frank Kramer. © Imago Images / Jan Hebner meets his ex-club: Bielefeld's coach Frank Kramer.

Long Fürth's Past of the Trainer

Away Wins in the Bundesliga? Can the Fürther in your admittedly short first division history so far counted on one source. In this season, it did not work yet, in nine attempts it was not even enough for a single dot for nine defeats. Thus, only the four triumphs to beech to beep, which will be located in 2012/13 in the first complete season in the upper house. The last dated 4 May 2013, when the francs won 2-0 at VFB Stuttgart.

A Lord of Integrity: To the Death of the Drawing Pioneer Sidney Poitier

 A Lord of Integrity: To the Death of the Drawing Pioneer Sidney Poitier with Sidney Poitier died one of the most important African-American actors. Obituary with Sidney Poitier died one of the most important African American actors. An objection When he received an Ehrenoscar in 2002, Sidney Poitier had already finished his film career. Most recently, he had occurred in worthy secondary rollers in "Sneakers" and "the Schakal" and in some television films. Poitier appeared on that evening from the side of the auditorium.

at the Fürther Trainer Bank at that time: Frank Kramer, who had taken the office two months earlier. Today's Bielefelder Coach can look back on a long past and special relationship with the Game Association. The Ronhof was for the native Memminger to the second home, son Emil still plays today in the C youth.

Active in the Oberliga

itself as a player in Fürth actively active was 78 times in the second team (2001/02 and from 2003 to 2005), with which it went in the Oberliga Bayern for points. As a coach, the later part of the football teacher course 2012/13 initially worked in the Fürther U 19 from 2005 to 2009, then he took over the second team. After his interim Bundesliga debut as an interim trainer in Hoffenheim, the today 49-year-old finally returned to the roots, finally returned to the roots, trained the Fürther professionals until 2015. He could not prevent the descent from the 1st League in 2013. Almost but he would have brought the shamrock for a year later. In the rise relegation of 2014, however, he failed with his team conceivable just two draws against the then Bundesliga club Hamburger SV.

Kramers Todayer Club Arminia By the way, precisely in that year, in the relegation against third division Darmstadt 98 from the 2nd league rose in the relegation against third division Darmstadt 98. Now Bielefeld and Fürth meet in the highest class - on Sunday evening, when the friendly connectedness to the opponent has to rest for a good 90 minutes for Kramer.

Wimmers "Rabona" ​​ensures astonishment and enthusiasm .
With its spectacular goal template, Arminia Bielefeld's Patrick Wimmer has also triggered in his Austrian home enthusiasm. © Arne Dedert / DPA Delighted with his footprint not only the teammates but also his home country Austria: Bielefeld's Patrick Wimmer (L). «sensational!», Tit the "Kronen-Zeitung" in your online edition at night on Saturday. "Patrick Wimmer shone at Bielefeld victory with gate and worth seeing assist," wrote the "Kleine Zeitung".

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