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Entertainment: Berlin trailer and dipkeeper beware: These corona rules are now valid in Brandenburg

Sachsen loosens partly since November Strict Corona rules

 Sachsen loosens partly since November Strict Corona rules Saxony wants to sometimes loosen the strict Corona rules applicable since mid-November. Under certain conditions, among other things, cinemas, theaters and other cultural institutions may be reopened from Friday coming week and sporting events may be possible again, as Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) and Social Minister Petra Köpping (SPD) told on Friday after a cabinet meeting in Dresden. The prerequisite for this is the undershoot of the burden limit in the hospitals.

The Corona rules in Brandenburg can differ in details of those in Berlin. That depends on the one with the different incidences, but also with the elevated population density. Berlin's dawn owners should know the new rules in Brandenburg from Monday.

  Berliner Ausflügler und Datschenbesitzer aufgepasst: DIESE Corona-Regeln gelten ab sofort in Brandenburg © Provided by Berliner Kurier

In Brandenburg, the sharper Corona rules apply from Monday. The 2G-Plus rule then takes for the visit of restaurants. Who is vaccinated and recovered, but has no booster vaccine needs a daily negative corona test. Children under 6 years do not require proof. Anyone who is under the age of 18 needs proof of full vaccination, but no test and no booster vaccine.

Corona breakout Party: Guests with false Impfpässen?

 Corona breakout Party: Guests with false Impfpässen? "We make closing", "now the pandemic has unfortunately caught us. We conclude on the basis of Covid-19 until further our restaurant. " © Christian Charisius / dpa Several hotels and restaurants on Sylt have given the rapidly rising numbers corona provisionally closed. This and similar plates hanging currently in various enterprises in Sylt. For several weeks, the North Sea island recorded rapidly increasing infection rates.

The 2G-Plus rule does not apply if the situation relaxes in the hospitals. After a compromise with the CDU, it is exposed if the warning lights in the seven-day incidence of new hospital patients with Covid-19 nationwide is yellow or green for a week and at the same time at the proportion of intensive cots with Covid-19 patients on green. This is not the case right now.

in public transport applies from Monday a FFP2 mask obligation. The liability for FFP2 masks and surgical masks is extended: So far they could be removed in interior, for example in cinemas, theaters and in case of trial, if at least one meter distance was until the next seat. That's away now. Also read

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The RKI reports a value of 965.3 and for Brandenburg at the weekend as the current seven-day incidences for Berlin 573.2 . In Berlin, there are 727 Corona patients who are in the hospital, of which are intensively treated in 195 people and in turn 133 dawn. For Brandenburg, the numbers 435 are, of which 112 patients are treated intensively and doubt them again 92.

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