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Entertainment: Hana Horka died after intentional corona infection

Corona outbreak after party: guests with false vaccine passes?

 Corona outbreak after party: guests with false vaccine passes? "We make company holidays", "Now the pandemic has unfortunately caught us. On the basis of Covid-19, we close our restaurant. © Christian Charisius / dpa Several hotels and restaurants on Sylt have temporarily closed in view of the rapidly rising corona numbers. These and similar signs are currently hanging in various companies on Sylt. The North Sea island has been setting rapidly rising infection numbers for several weeks.

Prague. She wanted to infect as vaccination: Now a Czech folk musician has died after a deliberately caused coronavirus infection to Covid-19. Hana Horka, singer of the band Assonance, died on Sunday at the age of 57 years.

 Eine Probe für einen Corona-Test (Symbolbild). © Hendrik Schmidt A sample for a corona test (symbol image).

This told her son Jan Rek to the radio station According to Rek, she had deliberately exposed to the virus because she wanted to avoid vaccination. She decided to decide after her vaccinated man and her also sickly sick.

"She decided to just live normally with us and to infect himself instead of vaccinating," shafted Rek. He made local representatives of the vaccine motion for Horka's death. These would have "blood on their hands" because they had raised his mother against the corona vaccine. "I know exactly who influenced them. It makes me sad that she believed strangers more than her own family," said the son.

omikron variant now dominates in Germany

 omikron variant now dominates in Germany The high-beginning omikron variant of the coronavirus is wide in Germany. The incidence value reaches record level. Nationwide, however, there are big differences. © Michael Sohn / AP Photo / Picture Alliance When completely against the virus vaccinated a omikron infection according to the physician is clearly milder Even in Germany, Omikron is now the dominant variant of the coronavirus.

in the Czech Republic is the proof of a corona vaccine or surviving infection requirement for the visit of cultural and sports facilities as well as bars and restaurants. Shortly before her death Horka had written on the internet, she was looking forward to being able to go back to the theater and in the sauna after her "violent" illness.

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