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Entertainment: "The risk always exists" - Marc Marquez justifies offroad training

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Marc Marquez musste sein Training mehr als zwei Monate lang komplett aussetzen © Hrc Marc Marquez had to completely suspend his workout for more than two months

immediately after the MotoGP victims in Austin and Misano Marc Marquez had to be a fierce in the fall of 2021 Keep the setback. When training with the off-road bike falls the eight-time world champion and hit the head on the floor. After a while, the Spaniard realized that he has problems with the view.

followed weeks of uncertainty. Most recently Marquez made significant progress again. At first he tested with a motocross machine and later he piloted the MotoGP replica Honda RC213V-S around the sophisticated Grand Prix Course in Portimao ( for Responding to Test ).

The Best Capture Program - Ideal for Training Reiser and Without Gym - Detailed Clothing

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long time was unclear whether the strategy to heal the eye injury without intervention is the right one. For weeks Marquez did not make recognizable progress. An operation of the eye muscle is currently no longer a topic.

renewed eye surgery is currently no topic

"If I can drive a motorcycle, then indicates that I do not need operation. I have a perfect view when I can drive a motorcycle," explains Marquez. The Honda work pilot followed the advice of his doctors and tested on a GP route. He drove 65 rounds and then moved a positive conclusion.

, but not that Marquez can physically prepare perfectly prepared in the MotoGP season 2022. The long training failure and the aftermath of the heavy arm injury in 2020 throw back the ex-champion.

Pol Espargaro makes clear: The old Honda RC213V was not Marquez-Bike

 Pol Espargaro makes clear: The old Honda RC213V was not Marquez-Bike © Honda Marc Marquez won 2021 Three races, Pol Esppargaro succeeded only a second place on April 8, 2018, Cal Crutchlow won the Grand Prix of Argentina. Since then, with the exception of Marc Marquez, there has been no other Honda pilot to gain an MotoGP race.

"The shoulder and the arm are in a better state, but we still have to find out how we deal with it in the course of the season so as not to have the problems of last season again," says Marquez, who fought in stress with pain .

motocross and enduro: curse and blessing for the MotoGP pilots

The training with the off-road machine helps to rebuild the muscles. On the other hand, it is dangerous and can provide for a long failure. Critics survive again and again that MotoGP pilots accept the risk and, like most recently in the case of Moto2 world champion Remy Gardner ( more information ), jeopardize potential injury.

"The training with the off-road machine is of course dangerous. But it is also dangerous when driving on certain routes with a superbike, which are not as safe as the Grand Prix stretches because the outlet zones are smaller. You have to be smaller Somehow train, "Marc Marquez clearly presents.

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The memory of the accident at the off-road training

The Spaniard can remember exactly the day he crashed. "In the accident I drove on a small course, which is very close to my house," says Marquez. "I only drove for 20 minutes and meant that I drive two rounds and then stop."

"Then I crashed in a right turn. It was like a high insider. I slipped up with his head, but then could get up and straighten up the motorcycle. I drove home and showered. After three hours I felt the point of view is strange "explains the 28-year-old.

"I called my doctor. He said that I should stay calm and wait for a week. After a week we realized that there was a problem. Then we shared it the public," recalls Marquez and justifies the Training with the off-road bike: "The risk is always. But if you sit on the sofa, then you have no risk and can drive every race. But then you can not be the best in the world."

consumpt everyday life after the fall

After the fall, Marquez experienced not only athletic time. The everyday life also caused problems. "I tried to hide the world and lead a normal life. Especially in the first weeks after the injury I wanted to hide everything else. That's difficult," he reports.

"In the first few months I had no normal life. I sat on the couch and tried to make strength training. But that was not possible, it's difficult, but if you drive a motorcycle again, then you have an even better feeling , I do not wish any other driver such an injury, "says the ex-champion.

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