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Entertainment: end of restrictions upgrading gradually on February 2: "It's very imprudent", ton Catherine Hill

Short Work: Cologne Employment Agency paid 2021 daily 2.2 million euros from

 Short Work: Cologne Employment Agency paid 2021 daily 2.2 million euros from The Cologne agency for work has paid a few minutes on average 2.2 million euros at average at each working day. Overall, 547.3 million euros flowed to companies in the region, as the chairman Johannes Klapfer announced on Wednesday. © picture alliance / dpa Empty tables and chairs stand in front of a Cologne local. Nevertheless stressed rattler that 2021 significantly less companies short-time work signed than in the previous year.

Fin des restrictions à venir progressivement le 2 février : “C’est très imprudent”, tonne Catherine Hill © Screenshot End restrictions to come gradually February 2: "It's very imprudent," Ton Catherine Hill This Thursday, January 20, during a press conference, Jean Castex unveiled the calendar for the lifting of health restrictions that will begin on February 2nd. The epidemiologist Catherine Hill reacts.

The United Kingdom followed the step and announced to resume very normal life very soon. France was inspired by what will be done in turn to establish a calendar announcing the end of the sanitary restrictions . On Thursday, January 20, the Prime Minister took the floor during a press conference to bring good news. As of February 2, there will be no more gauges in the institutions hosting the public sitting. The port of the mask will always be required indoors, but more outdoors. In addition, teleworking will no longer be mandatory in companies. Next step, February 16th. Jean Castex Announces the reopening of the discos and the concerts beginning will be allowed again. It will also be possible to consume in stages, cinemas and transport. In bars, it will also be possible to drink and eat standing. If this calendar rejoices the millions of French, the epidemiologist Catherine Hill remains on his guard, as she explains to our colleagues of the Paris .

Queensland border checkpoints torn down after two years

  Queensland border checkpoints torn down after two years As of midnight (1am AEDT), the Sunshine State is re-opened, without any restrictions for domestic travellers entering the state, either by road or by air. They will no longer need to show a border pass or a rapid antigen test. However, the government will maintain a mandate requiring people to be fully vaccinated to be able to enter events and venues.Acting Chief Superintendent Rhys Wildman was at the checkpoint as it was torn down overnight and said this is "an incredible outcome".

" It's very imprudent "

During an interview with everyday life, Catherine Hill did not go through four paths by evoking these new key dates: " is Very imprudent ". According to her, the government is rushing things while records of number of daily positive cases continue to be beaten. " This is an optimism that I have trouble sharing ," she says. " There are more days more people arriving at the hospital. And even if it is true that the resuscitation entries started to decrease, it's much ". This calendar would therefore be too ambitious in his eyes: " The repercussions on the care system is not completed. It will not be 2 February. "

" This is a risky bet "

The situation At the hospital is still very complicated. That is why, the epidemiologist would have preferred that the restrictions be lifted when " there will not be to deprogram thousands of operations ". By wanting to rush things, the country is taking the risk of " increase the contaminations" by leaving the virus circulating and spreading faster. According to Catherine Hill, this decision to remove restrictions in England is a political measure, but " no public health ". And France would be doing the same thing a few months of the presidential elections. " Today, we are in a policy of living with the virus, we decided to let it circulate. It is a risky bet ," she concludes. An opinion shared by infectiologist Gilles Pialoux present at Franceinfo this Friday morning. " It's a way of giving perspectives to the French (...) health, it is offset compared to the opinion of the Scientific Council."

Mercato: Bruno Guimaraes pushes for a departure of the OL .
while a start on the Newcastle side is more and more evoked, Bruno Guimaraes has his choice: he wants to join the magpies this winter. Info 90min - Partray? Will not leave? Olympique Lyonnais saw a few hours hectic for this end of winter mercato. If the arrival side there is no big world at the door, it's good on the departures that OL agitates the planet Football. For a few hours, rumors showing a departure from Bruno Guimaraes are going well.

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