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Entertainment: "I hope it's going to get better": Why Valérie Lemercier is worried about Céline Dion

America’s Biggest Coronavirus Weakness

  America’s Biggest Coronavirus Weakness Many workers with COVID-19 still—still!—can’t afford to isolate, because they don’t have paid sick leave.He wears a mask. He tries to be careful. He is worried about infecting other workers and guests. But sometimes it feels pointless, because some hotel guests have walked in maskless, announced that they have COVID, and later summoned the hotel staff to their room for fresh towels.

« J’espère que ça va aller mieux » : pourquoi Valérie Lemercier est inquiète pour Céline Dion © Backgrid USA / Bestimage "I hope it's going to get better": Why Valérie Lemerier is worried about Céline Dion in a Interview with the Parisien this Friday, January 21, Valérie Lemercier again confirmed his desire to meet Celine Dion. If the director would love to realize this dream, she also worries about the state of health of Quebec singer.

Céline Dion is sick. Because of his state of health, the Diva announced a sad news to his fans: the dates of his courage tour are canceled. A thunderclap who intervenes a few months after the cancellation of his shows in Las Vegas. In sick leave for four months now, the convalescence of the Quebec singer will last longer than expected. His world tour is at risk. A situation that greatly worries Valérie Lemercier, according to his interview for the Parisian.

"I really hoped to be ready, but ...": Céline Dion does not go better, the singer cancels his return on stage

 © Larry Marano / Rex / Sipa "I really hoped to be ready, but ...": Céline Dion does not go better, the singer cancels his return on stage in the aftermath of the publication of a shocking message in tribute to his deceased Husband René Angelil, Céline Dion, always in convalescence, announced a bad news to his fans on the social networks. Always for medical reasons, the singer is forced to cancel his upcoming shows.

After reporting the fact that it has "hopes that it see the film", Valérie Lemerier has emerged on the state of health of Céline Dion . "I worry, it is not fit" entrusts the film director Aline to our colleagues. Before listing the bad news that accumulates: "This is the sixth anniversary of the death of René, she canceled dates ..." For the actress of 57 years, it does not bode up anything Well. Especially since "no one I know, or who knows it well has new ones." worries for his "model", Valérie Lemercier "hopes it will go better."

Diapositive 1 sur 2: Victoria Sio a profité du film Aline pour monter les marches aux côtés de Valérie Lemercier. 1/2 Slides © Jacovides-Borde-Moreau / Bestimage Victoria Sio took advantage of the movie Aline to mount the steps alongside Valérie Lemercier. Diapositive 2 sur 2: Valérie Lemercier a fait sensation pour sa montée des marches. 2/2 Slides © Jacovides-Borde-Moreau / Bestimage Valérie Lemercier made a sensation for his climb of the steps. Automatic rotation Active

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Background concerts canceled: the impressive sum of money lost by the restaurants of the revealed heart!

 Background concerts canceled: the impressive sum of money lost by the restaurants of the revealed heart! Faced with the fifth wave of Covid-19, the bastards had to cancel their concerts at the last minute. But will still be at the rendezvous for the restaurants of the heart. Explanations. Private bocks of public ... again! Faced with the epidemic situation in France, the restaurants of the heart had to resolve to cancel the six concerts planned initially in January 2022, at the Zenith of Montpellier.

Céline Dion: What we know about his health

for a few months, Céline Dion suffers from persistent health problems. Immobilized since October 2021, the singer stays away from the eyes. News on its state of health are rare , generally delivered sparingly by its elder sister Claudette Dion . Moreover, difficult to know if the diva rests from its new villa in Las Vegas. The secret is well kept. The one who was defined as an "open book", featuring his life, his family, his couple, on social networks, is now discreet. Even the big dates that marked his life, like the anniversary of his children René-Charles , Nelson and Eddy, no longer appear on his social networks. to 53 years old, it seems that the diva aspires to more calm and tranquility.

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Caesar 2022, which will succeed "goodbye the cons"? .
© Roger Arpajou / 2021, Curiosa Movies / Gaumont / France 3CINEMA / Gabriel Inc./comedia "Lost Illusions", Xavier Giannoli, is the big favorite for Caesar 2022. The Caesar Academy has unveiled this Wednesday January 26 The films nominated for the ceremony 2022. Last year, "Farewell The Cons", Albert Dupontel had won seven trophies. The ceremony will take place on February 25th and will try to forget the pandemic.

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