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Entertainment: Archive 81 (Netflix): The craziest (or not) theories that circulate on the season 2

This Time, Netflix Let Bots Make a Documentary

  This Time, Netflix Let Bots Make a Documentary Last year, I stumbled across the Netflix is a Joke YouTube account and of course that resulted in a wonderful rabbit hole adventure. What sent me there was the fact the team fed a bot 400,000 hours of horror for it to create its own horror movie. Most recently, however, the team behind the content got a bot to produce a documentary. And, the cherry on top is Ice-T’s narration. Netflix Is A Jokes' The First Documentary Made Entirely By Bots is directed by Amber Schaefer, stars Ice-T, Sydney Battle, David Ebert and Keaton Patti and was created by a bot.

Archive 81 (Netflix) : les théories les plus folles (ou pas) qui circulent sur la saison 2 © Netflix Archive 81 (Netflix): the craziest (or not) theories that circulate on season 2 then That the final of the first archive season 81 left more than a surprised spectator, what can we really wait in the season 2 of Netflix's success? Some Internet users already have their little idea.

If you have devoured the eight episodes of archive 81 , this supernatural series output on Netflix on January 14, , the good news is that there will be a season 2. The Rebecca Sonnanshine showrunner, said At Entertainment Weekly that the season 2 was already planned. When ? This is another story ... What can we expect from this next archive 81 season? The wildest theories are going well on social networks, as reported by Bustle . On Reddit, for example, a user who is called "doctorsolitaire" emits the theory that Virgil Davenport and Samuel could be one and the same person. "First, he claims that he does all this because he believes that Melody killed his brother" , "he writes before adding: " then, when he gives him the opportunity to go In [the other world] and to recover his brother, of which he has just discovered that he is probably still alive ... he refuses? He refuses to go to recover his 'brother' because he's already the."

Scientific Funding Is Broken. Can Silicon Valley Fix It?

  Scientific Funding Is Broken. Can Silicon Valley Fix It? A group of tech founders, crypto billionaires, and star scientists is launching a fleet of science labs.In April 2020, when the coronavirus first swept across the United States, many of America’s top scientists struggled to get funding to answer basic and urgent questions about the disease it caused. Patrick Collison, the chief executive of the payment-processing company Stripe, spied an opportunity in this market failure. He co-founded a program called Fast Grants, which raised more than $50 million that was quickly distributed to hundreds of projects.

Social Networks Flage About Season 2 of Archive 81

and if Dan had supernatural powers? This is what the user monolizer7 thinks, who believes that LMG recruited Dan "because they could not see the videos ..." and that the latter did not have "spiritual link" Unlike the hero. His powers could therefore help in the present during the season 2. On Twitter, DeleonMarian believes that the time trip will be an important element in season 2, where "Dan puts everything in place for the Loop of continuous salvation and can find Mark in 2021 ".

Archive 81 : Is the series inspired by a true story?

As soon as it exit, the horror series ranked in the top 10 most viewed contents of Netflix . Composed of eight episodes, the fiction offered a high voltage final to the millions of subscribers of the platform. The series follows Dan Turner, an archivist who agrees to restore a collection of damaged video tapes dating from 1994. By rebuilding the work of a documentarist named Melody Pendras, he discovers through his investigation a dangerous sect. "As the season unfolds on these two chronologies, Dan is slowly obsessed with the discovery of what happened to Melody" , can we read on Netflix. The eight episodes are adapted from a podcast of tandem Dan Powell and Marc Sollinger, also co-producers of this version.

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Home Team (Netflix): The true story of the scandal that gave rise to this comedy .
in the comedy Home Team, exit on Netflix this Friday, January 28, Kevin James embodies Sean Payton, the coach of the Saints de la New Orleans , which was really suspended by the National Football League (NFL) following a scandal that broke out after the victory of the club at Super Bowl 2009. Home Team is a comedy. Yet the starting point of the movie released on Netflix this Friday, January 28 and directed by Adam Sandler is a scandal called "bountygate" .

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