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Entertainment: The eternal strife

Peters can imagine Hoeneß-Role at the DFB

 Peters can imagine Hoeneß-Role at the DFB A future collaboration of Bayern Munich's Honorary President Uli Hoeneß in the German Football Association is not excluded for the DFB presidential candidate Peter Peters. © Frank Rumpenhorst / DPA wants to become DFB President: Peter Peters. "I can basically imagine everything.

is the Left than even did not explain "only peace party in parliament" above all: peace with yourself, the trouble between party leadership and parliamentary peak continues to smolder - for resubmission at the party

 Beim Bundespräsidenten-Kandidaten Gerhard Trabert (Mitte) sind sich die Spitzen-Linken einig. Doch sonst suchen Partei- und Fraktionsführung wieder nach einem Weg aus der Krise. © Kay Nietfeld When Bundespräsidenten-. candidate Gerhard Trabert (center) are the top-left agree. But otherwise looking for party and party leadership again for a way out of the crisis.

By Holger Möhle

Sometime gotta calm in. Sometime. But this year has begun restless again for the left. The in its understanding "only peace party in the German parliament" does not find one thing: their peace with himself after the lost federal election with a crash from 9.2 to 4.9 percent of the Left had only one special rule to re-entry in a parliamentary group in. the Bundestag possible because they won three direct mandates. Since then, the controversy continues over the causes of the desolate election result. And he does not stop. Party leaders and party leadership to a certain extent point to the each other, with their co-chairman Dietmar Bartsch has put the top two for the general election because both the party with the co-chairs Janine Wissler as well as the fraction. So everyone has his part.

to Quimper, Circonova celebrates all the wealth of contemporary circus in 20 shows

 to Quimper, Circonova celebrates all the wealth of contemporary circus in 20 shows Canceled in 2021, the contemporary Cirque Festival Circonova is back with twenty exotic, eclectic and family shows in Quimper and in nine other communes of the South Finistère. © provided by FranceInfo until February 3, Circonova celebrates his tenth anniversary and his eleventh edition with a program that is eclectic but affordable so that everyone can find his account and discover the wealth of contemporary circus.

early January, at least for an hour resting in his left hand as the two party leaders, Wissler and Susanne Hennig, with the two faction leaders in the Bundestag, Amira imagine Mohamed Ali and Bartsch, the joint candidate of the party for the presidential election. Gerhard Trabert, a professor of social medicine from Mainz, is to rush on the ticket of the Left in the Federal Assembly Schloss Bellevue. The task is hopeless because of the majorities. But if they have no chance, then all together. And fought in his left hand anyway almost always.

That was so, were named as the party bosses still Gesine Lötzsch and Klaus Ernst. Among the chairman Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger it was hardly different. Especially Kipping, a bitter feud delivered with the former Co-Presidents Sahra Wagenknecht, such as on the question of whether there should be unrestricted access to the German labor market in labor migration. In February last year Wissler and Hennig-Wellsow were then elected to the party leadership. They wanted the party again, "one", as the saying goes. Hennig-Wellsow was to have traveled specially to Saarbruecken "to Oskar" to the reasons for the eternal harassing Lafontaine to experience personally. Hennig-Wellsow brought Lafontaine and Wagenknecht, on the election campaign specifically to a common appearance in their constituency to Erfurt.

Indian 'eternal flame' in memory of war dead is extinguished

  Indian 'eternal flame' in memory of war dead is extinguished An "eternal flame" in memory of soldiers killed during the India-Pakistan War of 1971 at one of Delhi's most symbolic landmarks was put out Friday, 50 years after it was first lit. The Amar Jawan Jyoti or flame of the immortal soldier was installed at the India Gate in New Delhi following the conflict, which eventually led to the creation of independent Bangladesh. It had burned ever since, fuelled first by cylinders of liquified petroleum gas and later with piped gas.But the current Hindu nationalist government of Narendra Modi inaugurated a new National War Memorial nearby in 2019, with its own eternal flame.

But with the peace plan for the whole party, it has become lost nothing. Right at the beginning of the year caused Hennig-Wellsow with a statement for excitement, what they see disrupted the relationship between the party and the head of the parliamentary group. Trigger: The choice of ex-party leader Ernst as Chairman of the Climate Committee in the Bundestag. Seriousness of the Nord Stream gas pipeline is considered staunch supporter 2. Also, climate policy is the German-Russian energy project controversial. "The nomination and the election of Klaus Ernst mainly reflects a form of alienation in the political objectives and the strategy between party and faction tip resist," Hennig-Wellsow said the "taz".

For the next dispute between party leadership and party leadership of the left was broken by the fence, especially Wissler and Hennig-Wellsow also announced to want to reposition the left content and personnel. The national convention in June in Erfurt should add a first orientation. The Congress in 2023 should then make personnel decisions with a view to the next federal election. And as the congress would also give a recommendation for appointment to the next fraction tip. This would look "very likely" be different from the present one with Bartsch and Mohamed Ali. After two days of faction conclave last week Bartsch announced that the Left will come in as a "militant opposition" in parliament for social issues. Again fight. And spasm. Because the internal dispute remained unresolved since. Now wanted to party leadership and parliamentary tip consult each other again in a video switching. Without public. Better safe than sorry.

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