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Entertainment: Attention! Thus, Hinteregger wicked his cult status

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Martin Hinteregger has last weakly performed. The defender arranges his performance on Instagram and asks the fans for forgiveness. But Hinteregger moves on a narrow ridge, sport1 reporter Christopher Michel finds.

Achtung! So verzockt Hinteregger seinen Kultstatus © Provided by Attention! Hinteregger's Hinteregger KultStatus

Martin Hinteregger has currently a heavy stand under coach Oliver Glasner. The Austrian was born in the fight for the Punktplace despite pubic bone problems against Arminia Bielefeld and could not retrieve top performance.

The result: the state of 0: 2 replaced at halftime. Eintracht Frankfurt therefore missed an important victory that threatens gray mediocrity. (Data: The table of the Bundesliga)

Spinner makes history with rare cricket feat

  Spinner makes history with rare cricket feat Veteran spin bowler Cameron Boyce has made Big Bash League history by taking the competition's first ever double hat-trick. The rare cricket feat requires four wickets to be taken in four consecutive deliveries.A hat-trick is rare enough but a double hat-trick is almost never seen in professional cricket.

Hinteregger explains his shape low

"I know that some of you are disappointed at the moment from my sporting performance. Honestly: Am I too. And of course, I'm crassing with what it is. "

Hinteregger counted his younger attitudes: shoulder injury, jump joint problems, now the pubic bone. (Data: Results and Schedule of the Bundesliga)

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It honors the 29-year-old that he focuses on Instagram after catastrophe performance and takes responsibility. But the reasons for his first Eintracht-Form depression are not only to be searched in the physical condition.

video highlights on the Gameday of the Bundesliga from Monday 0 o'clock in the sports1-media library and in the Sport1 App

Evan N'Dicka and Tuta have released as center defenders and expired the rank, Hinteregger rotated in the role as a last man with methusal Makoto Hasbe. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

Kruse at "Beat the Star"

 Kruse at Max Kruse of Union Berlin uses the Bundesliga pause for a TV appearance. At "beat the star" he measures himself with actor and BVB fan Frederick Lau. © Provided by Kruse at "Beat the Star" in the DFB Cup Just with Union Berlin Hertha BSC kicked out , in the Bundesliga in place five and thus again on course Europe - it runs for Max Kruse. But not only sporty, the ex-national player entertains the masses, even in the social media he is a real phenomenon.

egoism and exercand may not endanger team success

in 2022 fell five out of six goals with him as a defense organizer. The blind trust known in ex-trainer Adi Hütter does not feel the then "Always Player" at the moment, in the Fitten state he took place in this season already five times at the beginning of a game on the bank.

may also have these circumstances a reason why it was after Sport1 information a few weeks ago talked to Borussia Mönchengladbach and the Frankfurters did not put him a stones in his way.

steelwork double pass on Sunday from 11 o'clock live on TV and in the stream on Sport1

The national player must return to a healthy, sporty mix despite all personal sporting problems. Hinteregger is one of the captain trio. He has a role model function, overmotivation and personal vanities are out of place there.

The fear for its own pilgrimage may not be about the success of the team. As often as injuries, on the one hand, heroic effects, but also selfish.

var-vertebra! Stuttgart sinks in the relegation champion

 var-vertebra! Stuttgart sinks in the relegation champion The VFB Stuttgart also loses against the SC Freiburg and still sinks deeper in the relegation battle. A withdrawn penalty of Swabia ensures vertebrae. © Provided by VAR vertebra! Stuttgart sinks in the relegation champion the sling around the neck of the VFB Stuttgart continues to move on. The Swabia also had to accept a 0: 2 defeat in the Baden-Württemberg derby against Sc Freiburg and thus continue on a direct relegation place.

Thus Hinteregger threatens to retry his cult status

The role as a crowd pleasure drives him. But this person cult is not only applause - neither internally nor in certain parts of the fans. The loud "Henti" calls with every self-evident situation Some colleagues surprise some colleagues, it is a narrow ridge.

"That may not be an excuse - is not it - but without you the Henti just half a Henti," gave Hinteregger in his statement too. The ghost games pain of course, but all the professionals have to fight.

" double pass on tour": Germany's most popular football talk goes to great Germany tour! Tourtermine and Tickets under or under the ticket hotline (Tel. 06073 722740; Mon.-Fr., 10-15 clock)

The left foot in any case must take care of his cult status with other actions of this kind Not to be released. The fight for a place in the first eleven must not lead to emotional and headless decisions.

Insight is an important step, these words have to follow Hinteregger in the future deeds. Cure, be honest with yourself, think about the team. Otherwise, the "Henti" calls can also run very quickly.

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