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Entertainment: «With humility to Hamburg»: Highest discipline in Freiburg

Kahn: "Confirms our view"

 Kahn: The FC Bayern has noted the judgment of the DFB Sports Court to the alternating error in Freiburg satisfied. © imago / Jan Huebner welcomes the decision of the DFB Sport Court: Oliver Kahn. Bayern Boss About judgment of the DFB Sport Court "We are pleased about this decision that confirms our view," said CEO Oliver Kahn of the German Press Agency.

"I'm not there for dreaming. I have something to fulfill with my work colleagues, so maybe a dream comes true, "Christian Streich said recently.

Freudig, aber demütig: Freiburg-Coach Christian Streich (l) und Roland Sallai. © Tom Weller / DPA Joyful, but humble: Freiburg coach Christian Streich (L) and Roland Sallai.

What the coach referred to the possible first final feeder of the SC Freiburg in the DFB Cup, he should also have meant by a view to the Europapokal ambitions of the club in the football league. The Freiburg plays a superior season until here. Maybe at their end, they even move into the Champions League. What prank in the final spurt does not want to go on, is just a bit waived. The coach holds the concentration high in the Freiburg dream workshop.

Streich: New contract gives Petersen "motivation and energy"

 Streich: New contract gives Petersen Only one goal in the last two games is the lean yield of the SC Freiburg. In Frankfurt, the quota should be better again, hope the Freiburg, who had to renounce Kevin's pity again. © imago images / uwe force coach Christian Streich and Nils Petersen. pity also lacks the sports club in Frankfurt After the Freiburg at home against Bavaria 1: 4 had to be satisfied with a 0-0 in Fürth, Coaches Christian Streich from his team demanded that they in Frankfurt (Sunday, 17.30 clock) "a tick better" play

«With humility to Hamburg»

«It's about going to drive with humility to Hamburg. There will also burn the hut, "said prank after the highly deserved 3: 0 (2: 0) his team against VfL Bochum and immediately directed the look at the Cup semi-final at HSV next Tuesday. A "very, very tight and difficult game" he expect against the second division. It should just nobody believe that the Freiburg could reach the final after their strong idea against Bochum.

Around 6000 fans will accompany the sports club to Hamburg. If possible, they should whip their team so forward as on Saturday against the VfL. Since they had "everything entraid," said prank over the 34,000 spectators in the Europa-Park Stadium. "It was a real football temple." And the team apparently electrified by the atmosphere. Lukas Kübler (5th Minute) and Roland Sallai by double pack (16th, 53.) achieved the gates for the running and playful hosts that dominated the newcomer and consolidated the fifth place to the fifth place through their 14th win.

Four game days before the end is still possible for Freiburg: Champions League, Europa League, Conference League - or no international competition. "We just want to make the last games as successfully as possible and when we stand four at the end of fourth, we look forward to the huge," Midfielmann Nicolas Höfler said in the familiar with the Baden Camp at Sky.

double door screifier Sallai dared a little further. "That must be a dream," he said about the potential leap into the royal class. "We have to fight until the end." That is likely to hear that coach. So not with the dream, but that with fighting.

Streich's criticism attacks: Freiburg Before the Cup semifinals in topform .
The SC Freiburg caught a picture book start into his English week and beats the VfL Bochum confidently and clearly with 3: 0. The South Baden repeatedly march towards Europe - and present themselves punctually in front of the DFB Cup semi-final on Tuesday evening against the Hamburg SV in high form. © Imago / Eibner Jochen Saier and Christian Streich had a lot of reason to joy against VfL Bochum.

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