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Entertainment: Fantastic animals 2: What French star refused a role in the movie?

Keira Knightley had 'one hell of a pregnancy' with second child

  Keira Knightley had 'one hell of a pregnancy' with second child Keira Knightley had a difficult pregnancy with her second child, but it inspired her to take on her latest role.The 36-year-old actress - who has been married to musician James Righton, 36, since 2015 - was expecting her second child and suffering from sciatica when she first read the script for the festive flick, which was filmed in February 2020.

  Les Animaux fantastiques 2 : quelle star française a refusé un rôle dans le film ? © Filmhenies Fantastic animals: the saga Harry Potter continues

after showing the last four shutters of the Saga Harry Potter , the filmmaker David Yates continued to develop the world of J.K. Rowling by directing a brand new Saga: Fantastic animals . The first component comes out in 2016 and meets a strong at the box office with more than $ 814 million in revenue for a budget of 180 million.

Les Animaux fantastiques : Les Crimes de Grindelwald © Warner Bros © Provided by Filmhenies Fantastic animals: the crimes of Grindelwald © Warner Bros

in 2018, David Yates remembers again to stage Fantastic animals: the crimes of Grindelwald . Here again, the feature film meets some success with more than $ 654 million in revenue for a budget of 200 million . Shortly after the release of this second opus, the saga ends up at the center of a media storm when the Warner decides to separate from Johnny Depp because of his journey with Amber Heard .

Javier Bardem struggled with voice in Being the Ricardos

  Javier Bardem struggled with voice in Being the Ricardos Javier Bardem says that it was a challenge to master Desi Arnaz's voice in the new movie 'Being the Ricardos'.The 52-year-old actor stars alongside Nicole Kidman in the new movie – which documents the complex marriage between 'I Love Lucy' stars Desi and Lucille Ball – and admits that he had to work to match Arnaz's high-pitched tones.

The Camped Grindelwald comedian is therefore replaced by Mads Mikkelsen , who inherits the role of this great naughty in fantastic animals: the secrets of Dumbledore , released the 13 April last. A third component much less well received by critics, whose box office score will be decisive as to the production of a fourth film or not. For the moment, this third chapter has already grown more than $ 56 million in revenue in just a few days of operation.

Omar Sy refused an

role but concentrate on the second movie: Fantastic animals: Grindelwald crimes, and more particularly on its casting. As for the first film, the distribution consists in particular of Eddie Redmayne , Katherine Waterston , Dan Fogler or Ezra Miller and Zoë Kravitz . The film can also count on the presences of Johnny Depp in Grindelwald and Jude Law in the role of the Grand Dumbledore . But did you know that a French actor refused to appear in David Yates' film?

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Omar Sy ©RTL © Provided by Filmages Omar Sy © RTL

Indeed, Omar Sy revealed in 2017, in the show on the table on C8, which it regularly refused roles in large hollywood franchises . He argues that he does not necessarily want to lock themselves in roles over several years, and that they are not necessarily characters who interest him. He also clarified that he refused a role to appear in fantastic animals 2:

I think I just refused one who will make a cardboard. He is looking at this moment and in my opinion it will work well. It's the rest of the fantastic animals, the Suite of Harry Potter. The role that was proposed to me was repetitive. It's something I've already played. I do not want to arrive on a tray and be blazed. That is to be there as if it were normal. It's amazing to be on a movie tray and I want to keep this wonder when I work. If I put myself doing the stuff I have done, it's not going to be terrible.

It must be said that Omar Sy has already experienced the big Hollywood licenses in the past . The comedian is indeed already appeared in three of them since he turned into X-Men: Days of Future Past , Jurassic World and that he has loaned his voice to the hot Rod robot in Transformers: The Last Knight . His fans were also able to see him in the Forest call alongside Harrison Ford and in . with Bradley Cooper . It will also be back in the role of Barry for Jurassic World: the world after , in room the June 8th next.

Source: Fantastic animals 2: What French star refused a role in the movie?

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