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Entertainment: No discussion: These are the best movies of all times

Thierry Fremaux: "I hope there will be fewer movies in Cannes in 2022"

 Thierry Fremaux: © Stephane de Sakutin / AFP The Delegate General Thierry Fremaux and the President of the Festival of Cannes Pierre Lescure in June 2021, during The presentation of the official selection of the 74th edition of the event. The announcement of the selection of the 75th edition, to be held from 17 to 28 May, is expected on April 14th.

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© 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved "Fantastic Exit 3": This heartbreaking scene is one of the highlights of the entire "Harry Potter "series

that the" Harry Potter "films still enjoy such a popularity is not only on the magical world, whose miracles and dangers we as a spectator together with the protagonist * in Harry ( Daniel Radcliffe ), Ron ( Rupert Grint ) and Hermione ( Emma Watson ) should always be found again. Likewise elemental for the success of the series is also the heart-catching interpersonality, which was partly partially more nuanced and has given depth insights into the soul life of the different characters.

Javier Bardem struggled with voice in Being the Ricardos

  Javier Bardem struggled with voice in Being the Ricardos Javier Bardem says that it was a challenge to master Desi Arnaz's voice in the new movie 'Being the Ricardos'.The 52-year-old actor stars alongside Nicole Kidman in the new movie – which documents the complex marriage between 'I Love Lucy' stars Desi and Lucille Ball – and admits that he had to work to match Arnaz's high-pitched tones.

The "fantastic animal" series cranks it on both aspects. David Yates , which has set every single entry in the "Harry Potter" universe since "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix", seems not only a little business-blind and no real access to the miraculous world of To get magicians, witches and muggles. It is no longer very human, which emotional highlights only reflects in theory. with one exception.

Even if " fantastic animals 3: Dumbledores secrets " has not become a successful film from various reasons (for example, because of its incredibly anti-democratic tendencies ,.), so he is waiting with a sequence that is one of the most beautiful and most urgent of the whole "Harry Potter" franchises.

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20 Major Movie Releases to Look Forward to in 2022

  20 Major Movie Releases to Look Forward to in 2022 Movies were actually back in 2021, we even saw a few! But 2022 is definitely shaping up to be an even more hectic year for films. Between superhero movies, video game-to-movie adaptations and Oscar-worthy hits, it looks like there'll barely be a week without a new movie worth watching in 2022. Here are some of the movies you should keep an eye out for in the new year. Top movies to watch in 2022 House of Gucci Father, son and House of Gucci. This biographical look at the family behind one of the world's largest designer fashion brands stars some absolute icons in Lady Gaga and Adam Driver.

Here is the love with open maps

It is equal to the opening that hopes me that" fantastic animals "finally creates what the "Harry Potter" adventures in every movie has succeeded at least once: Me emotional to me. Albus Dumbledore ( Jude Law ) and Gellert Grindelwald ( Mads Mikkelsen ) meet in a nearly deserted restaurant. Instead of making mutual allegations on how things could only get out of the joints, we'll see here at once what " Fantastic Eximal Resources 2: Grindelwald's Crime " is in a ridiculous way is: two men who made their past Dear immaintands.

The beautiful thing about the scene is not only that finally is pronounced, which has actually been more than obvious at the second part. Rather, it is the way that moves here, because Dumbledore and Grindelwald are completely obvious to their former love. That means: In conversation, the former homosexual relationship of the two mighty wizards is not presented as a surprise for the audience, but as an organic part of the exchange. A surprise would have been out of place here, because both men know what they had together - and both know what they have lost since they are not a few more.

Shang-Chi sequel on the way with Destin Daniel Cretton returning

  Shang-Chi sequel on the way with Destin Daniel Cretton returning A 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' sequel has officially been given the green light.Following the record-breaking success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superhero movie, the director has landed a deal with Marvel Studios and Hulu's Onyx Collective, which will allow him to not only create the second instalment, but other projects for the small screen.

Was it that or comes "fantastic animals 4"?

Here it creates "fantastic animals 3", unleash real emotions and speaks something to the characters, which lacks most of the time: Eight dynamics. After Dumbledore and Grindelwald have talked about that it were not the beliefs that they once held together inseparable, but love, the restaurant goes to Dumbledore in bulbing flames.

The Hogwarts conductor understands here that he can not save his great love, but must stop. If the flame metaphor does not like to be very subtle, it is effective and closes a scene that is remarkable and thus becomes an exceptional apparition in a movie, which comes into the first place how rigoros wastes the potential.

By the way: so that "fantastic animals 3: Dumbledores secrets" were allowed to be released on the lucrative cinema market of China, Warner now has exactly the key dialogue lines from the opening scene. Here you can read again more precisely what it has on himself and how the studio justifies his decision in a statement:

gay moment in "fantastic animals 3" censored: so Studio Warner is now commenting

in our new podcast episode We about "Fantastic Exit 3: Dumbledores Secrets" and also about the question of how Mads Mikkelsen is as Johnny-Depp replacement.

Fantastic animals 2: What French star refused a role in the movie? .
© Filmhenies Fantastic animals: the saga Harry Potter continues after showing the last four shutters of the Saga Harry Potter , the filmmaker David Yates continued to develop the world of J.K. Rowling by directing a brand new Saga: Fantastic animals . The first component comes out in 2016 and meets a strong at the box office with more than $ 814 million in revenue for a budget of 180 million.

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