Entertainment: “I get dealt with prostitute”: Clara Blois (large families) insulted by mothers, she receives a wave of support

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“Je me fais traiter de prostituée” : Clara Blois (Familles nombreuses) insultée par des mères de famille, elle reçoit une vague de soutien © @clarallelujah34 “I am treated a prostitute”: Clara Blois (large families) Insulted by mothers, she receives a wave of support violently attacked by mothers for her outfits and her makeup, Clara Blois took the floor on her Instagram account to demonstrate her misunderstanding.

By participating in the program large families: life in XXL on TF1, the Blois family met with phenomenal success. From their first appearances, Diana and Gérôme - the parents of this recomposed tribe - charmed viewers by their good humor. By opening the doors of their daily life, the couple wanted to prove that a family recomposed by nine children could perfectly live in harmony. And the bet is widely won for the star family of TF1! So much so that certain members have embarked on the world of influence and have been meeting since a monumental success, like Clara . At 21, the second in siblings enjoys a community of almost 40,000 subscribers on Instagram, with which she shares her passions for fashion and makeup. And even if many Internet users are benevolence towards the young woman, others on the other hand are much less tender ... This Wednesday, July 27, Diana Blois' daughter denounced the violence she was the victim on the social network.

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  Mothers' pain over harsh jail for Cuban protesters Many young people received long jail terms after participating in last year's anti-government protests.Diubis Laurencio Tejeda, a young black man, was shot by police during the unprecedented anti-government uprising.

" I get dealt with prostitute "

while she was going to her workplace, this Wednesday, July 27, Clara Blois was whistled and followed over several meters by a Unknown . By filming the scene with her phone, the young woman immediately shared this episode with her subscribers on Instagram. And some did not fail to overwhelm the daughter-in-law of Gérôme Blois: " if you do not want to be bothered you should not dress as you are, otherwise you will be attacked. " Clara N 'was unfortunately not at the end of his sorrows, by discovering on one of the Facebook anti-Brois groups the words of certain Internet users ... " You should know that on the Facebook group, I was called a prostitute by around twenty Mothers! ", she deplored in her story.

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 War in Ukraine: by hosting Ukrainian refugees, some French families association "It is very, very complicated to find host families", estimates the president of the ' Association Reception Families du Monde. "Volunteering has its limits." © provided by Franceinfo Claudine Charieyras, president of the Association Reception Familles du Monde, explained Monday July 25 on Franceinfo that certain families who welcome Ukrainian displaced "are really suffering". Since the start of the war in Ukraine, five months ago, more than 5.5 million Ukrainians have fled their co

" is clearly not normal "

sadly used to being the target of many detractors shamelessly criticizing her outfits or her makeup, Clara did not hide her stupor: " believe in 2022 that a girl who It is attacked it is because she has shown her skin a little bit, it is clearly not normal! "but fortunately, the young influencer was able to count on the benevolence of her fans. Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias.

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“Three words and I do sobbed”: Diana Blois (large families) traumatized by the birth of her little Juliet, she tells .
© @family Blois.notrebelletio “Three words and I have sobs”: Diana Blois (families Numerous) traumatized by the birth of her little Juliet, she tells in honor of her little Juliet's fifth anniversary, Diana Blois shared the story of her pregnancy, on her Instagram account, and rehashed a traumatic episode. It is by participating in the documentary large families: life in XXL on TF1 that Gérôme and Diana Blois were revealed to the general public.

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