Entertainment: Spain: More than eight years in prison required against Shakira, accused of tax fraud

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La chanteuse colombienne Shakira est poursuivie pour fraude fiscale par l'Espagne. © Greg Allen/Invision/AP - Greg Allen Colombian singer Shakira is prosecuted for tax fraud by Spain.

For weeks, the Spanish prosecutor's office and singer Shakira have sought an amicable agreement. In vain. This agreement has not been obtained, a trial will take place for tax fraud against it. The famous Colombian singer Shakira will sit on the dock, even if we do not yet know the date, and face a trial for tax fraud. The Spanish prosecutor's office requires 8 years in prison against her and more than 23 million euros fine. The artist declares himself innocent and says he wants to go to the end.

With our correspondent in Madrid, François Musseau

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The Spanish prosecutor's office requires more than eight years in prison against the Colombian star Shakira and a fine of more than 23 million euros. The Spanish authorities say that between 2012 and 2014, Colombian artist Shakira found a way not to declare 14.5 million euros to the Spanish tax.

The main argument of the prosecution is that during this period, Shakira lived in the vicinity of Barcelona, ​​in various residences, with his companion, the football player of FC Barcelona Gérard Piqué.

She lived more than half of her time there, at least 183 days a year. For this very reason, she had tax duties vis-à-vis Spain and only vis-à-vis Spain.

Shakira defends herself by saying, that for many years, she has resorted to societies that have their seats outside Spain and often travels. According to her, she therefore had no account to return to this country.

The tax authorities do not agree at all, and also affirm that the singer concealed her income by a system of screens established in tax havens like Malta, Luxembourg or Panama.

We can expect a river and very media trial, with at least 37 witnesses.

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