Entertainment: after Thaly's accident: Hundreds of people spend the night on the train

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due to an accident of the high-speed train Thalys in the Belgian capital Brussels spent hundreds of people on Saturday night.

Ein Thalys-Hochgeschwindigkeitszug in Brüssel (Archivbild). © Julien Warnand/EPA/DPA-TMN A Thalys high-speed train in Brussels (archive picture).

After there were failures and hours on the Thalys route from Brussels-Midi to Paris-Nord the day before, the traffic was accepted normally on Saturday morning, as the Belga news agency said, citing a Thalys spokeswoman. The high -speed trains also combine German cities such as Düsseldorf and Cologne with Brussels and Paris.

A Thalys collided with an animal on Friday afternoon at the West Belgian city of Tournai and was then unable to continue for hours due to a technical problem. According to Belga, six Thalys trains had to be painted on the connection from Brussels to Paris. 700 to 800 of the passengers stranded in Brussels had decided to spend the night in a train provided to continue as early as possible the next morning. Other passengers spent the night in the hotel or drove home.

On Saturday morning there were still slight delays on the route from Brussels to Paris of the Thalys homepage. However, preceding stops were partly out in Germany and the Netherlands.

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