Entertainment: Happy Hertha President takes himself on the shovel: "Kay Bernstein, Ostkurve, Bingo!"

ex-captain shaved! Bobic speaks plain text

 ex-captain shaved! Bobic speaks plain text Hertha BSC with the defeat in the derby against Union Berlin cope with the next setback. Ex-captain Dedryck Boyata was no longer called to the squad for the game. Fredi Bobic explains the reason in the Doppelpass steel mill. © provided by Sport1.de Ex-captain shaved! Bobic speaks plain text Hardly has the new Bundesliga season started, the mood around Hertha BSC goes back to the basement.

The Bundesliga has to get used to this. A young president with tattoos who happily positions himself in the T-shirt in front of the east curve and, after the mega choreography of the fans in the Olympic Stadium and the 1-1 win over Frankfurt in the first home game on Facebook, simply a love letter to all Herthan (-inen) writes. The new blue and white boss Kay Bernstein (41), formerly a fan singer in the east curve, takes a bit on the shovel.

  Glücklicher Hertha-Präsident nimmt sich selbst auf die Schippe: „Kay Bernstein, Ostkurve, bingo!“ © provided by Berliner Kurier

"Ha Ho He ... After the very intensive day I still have something for you. This photo - and the first glance is clear, isn't it? Kay Bernstein, Ostkurve, Bingo! ”He starts his letter fun. He alludes to the fact that he just has to live as an ex-ultra with his history and therefore has no problems. Then he says: “I felt a lot more at that moment. Each of us brings their personal story to the Olympic Stadium, with them to their place, regardless of which block. But then, on days like yesterday, we all become something that is much larger and more powerful than the number of spectators. ”45,000 fans are really still expandable…

Anne Heche's podcast where she 'drank vodka' with 'wine chasers' taken down due to 'inaccurate reporting'

  Anne Heche's podcast where she 'drank vodka' with 'wine chasers' taken down due to 'inaccurate reporting' The podcast where Anne Heche "drank vodka" with "wine chasers" was taken down due to "inaccurate reporting." The episode was recorded on Tuesday, three days beofre Heche's crash.The episode of the podcast was posted online Friday, but removed after Heche was involved in a near-fatal collision that caught a home on fire and left the actress in "critical condition.

The choreo, it has never been so big, he praises:“ We Herthaner have managed to throw our love and enthusiasm for Hertha BSC, inspired by the grandiose choreo, into a big pot. And we kept this pot hot for cooking for over two hours. That's exactly how it has to be! Each of us is Hertha! This is my message after the first home game of the season! ”

In floral words, Bernstein does not leave it and continue:“ If all of this - including the photo - is too kitsch To transform your trust in better structures, reasonable measures and the implementation of good ideas. ”

Bernstein is not naive in his new office and warns despite the first point in the Bundesliga and party mood in the Olympic Stadium:“ This is still a lot of work , it will still take time and setbacks will not fail. We have to be patient - but the tailwind that I have felt since June 26th (the day of his choice, editor's note), he drives us every day. ”

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Hertha BSC: Hope rests on Plattenhardt so that the new striker Kanga finally meets .
Now it has to work with the first Bundesliga goal for Hertha's new striker Wilfried Kanga (24). The simple reason: Captain Marvin Plattenhardt (30) is on board on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) against Dortmund. Plate is the free kick and corner specialist in the team. © provided by Berliner Kurier No circle resting balls as precisely on his teammates as the left full -back. For the massive attacker Kanga, who came from Young Boys Bern, very important. The Frenchman just needs balls.

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