Entertainment: DAX makes initial profits - further risks

Chalmers flags multinational tax crackdown

  Chalmers flags multinational tax crackdown Ventilation is one of the measures that can help stop the spread of COVID-19, along with vaccination, wearing of masks, and social distancing

The DAX handed over its opening profits on Monday. The German leading index recently fell by 0.14 percent to 13,776.76 points. Signs of a declining US inflation had given the stock exchanges vigorously in the past few days. But the risks for the markets are still available. The MDAX hardly not changed with minus 0.02 percent to 27,903.14 points. The Eurozone-Leiten-Leindex EuroStoxx 50 also came on the spot.

Der Dax ist der wichtigste Aktienindex in Deutschland. © Fredrik von Erichsen/dpa The DAX is the most important stock index in Germany.

Economic data from China was weak at the beginning of the week. They showed that the growth locomotive in the Middle Kingdom loses journey, said Christian Henke, analyst at the broker IG. He also noted that energy and raw material prices are still significantly too high and inflation still removes worlds from the target value of the central banks.

Zac Efron is slammed by PETA after he filmed an ad with captive bear

  Zac Efron is slammed by PETA after he filmed an ad with captive bear Zac Efron has been put on the spot and blasted for partnering and filming advertisements for Kodiak Cakes with a captive bear, with the nonprofit organization calling the situation, 'hypocritical.'The brand is known for having a bear on the front of its products, and in the short advertisements, a real bear is seen with the 34-year-old High School Music alum.

The further falling Rhine level also proves to be less helpful for the stock market. This threatens restrictions on shipping on the transport route so important for the economy. After the dispute over the Taiwan visit by US top politician Nancy Pelosi about two weeks ago, the visit to a further US delegation in Taipei also ensures new geopolitical tensions.

In the DAX, the papers of the consumer goods group Henkel fluctuated quite strongly after quarterly figures and increased sales forecast. Finally, they were just noted in the minus. JPMorgan analyst Celine Pannuti sees profit from a possible price weakness.

Hellofresh rapidly by more than nine percent high after final quarterly figures. In the details, experts saw light and shadow, but also referred to the recently lowered annual goals. It could also work that the US bank JPmorgan looks more positive at the European Internet sector. The conditions for growth improved, it said in a recent study by analyst Marcus Diebel.

The shares of the Uniper supplier made another relaxation attempt with an increase of almost nine percent. According to numbers, the shares of the solar and wind farm operator Encavis also highly high, but Nordex dropped by 2.7 percent. The regular shares of the car rental company Sixt sank after a purchase recommendation painted by the investment house Stifel by three percent.

Arbitrary detention risks ‘here to stay’ .
A former senior Australian diplomat has warned of the growing need for more resources to meet the challenge of international arbitrary detention.Ian Kemish, who was head of Australia’s consular service, said the arrest and detention of people brought together “very complex factors” and would need more resources to adequately meet the challenge.

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