Entertainment: The Swiss Guard: from feared mercenaries to protectors of the Pope

Guinness-fuelled man runs width of Ireland in a day

  Guinness-fuelled man runs width of Ireland in a day Robert Pope ran the almost 130-mile route from Galway to Dublin in just 23 hours and 41 minutes.Robert Pope ran from Galway City on Ireland's west coast to the capital Dublin in just 23 hours and 39 minutes.

The New South Wales’ club lobby is using emails between whistleblower Troy Stolz and journalists at five major media outlets to argue he waged a campaign to “tarnish” its reputation with confidential information about its alleged failures to comply with laws designed to prevent money laundering and terror financing, according to court documents.

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ClubsNSW is suing Stolz, a former employee, over his handling of internal documents, including a series of documents he sent to journalists.

A statement of claim filed in the federal court show ClubsNSW is relying on a series of email exchanges Stolz had with individual journalists at the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, 60 Minutes, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Daily Telegraph in 2020. The emails being used by ClubsNSW include correspondence with the investigative journalist Kate McClymont, of Nine newspapers.

Mali PM Choguel Maiga placed on ‘forced rest’ by doctor

  Mali PM Choguel Maiga placed on ‘forced rest’ by doctor Maiga is suffering from exhaustion after working for 14 months without break, his office says.“After 14 months of working without a break, the prime minister, head of government, Choguel Kokalla Maiga was placed on forced rest by his doctor,” his office said on its Facebook page on Saturday.

The clubs lobby said the emails show Stolz sent the journalists confidential documents about its alleged compliance with anti-money laundering and counter terror financing laws.

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The ABC and Sydney Morning Herald later published stories alleging that 95% of NSW clubs were failing to comply with the laws.

In its statement of claim, ClubsNSW allege the confidential documents were used for an improper purpose, namely to “cause determine [sic] to ClubsNSW, by tarnishing the public reputation of ClubsNSW and its member clubs through the public disclosure of confidential information about their alleged AML/CTF compliance”.

Pope Francis affirms that the war in Ukraine eclipses the problem of hunger in the world

 Pope Francis affirms that the war in Ukraine eclipses the problem of hunger in the world The sovereign pontiff spoke at the end of last week. © supplied by Bang Showbiz Pope Francis said that the war in Ukraine overshadowed the world's hunger problem. The Sovereign Pontiff, who has already exchanged by phone with Volodymyr Zelensky, explained that the conflict between the two neighboring countries, which has soon lasted for six months, had diverted the world of famine that is currently raging, especially in Somalia.

The emails to journalists, ClubNSW alleges, were designed to ensure the recipients made the confidential documents “public, or otherwise report[ed] publicly on those documents or that information”.

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ClubsNSW said the documents were its property, that Stolz had signed an agreement to maintain the confidentiality of information he obtained during employment, and that “he owed contractual and equitable duties to ClubsNSW to keep the documents and their contents confidential”.

The statement of claim, the document which sets out ClubsNSW’s case, was filed late last month. The case has been ongoing since April 2020.

ClubsNSW also allege Stolz sent a series of confidential documents to his personal account in the year before he left the organisation.

They allege documents were sent to ClubsNSW’s competitors, who were also providing anti-money laundering and counter terror financing services, including presentations, templates, prospective customer lists, internal correspondence, training memorandums and a board paper. Stolz did not return documents to ClubsNSW when he resigned in September 2019, the court documents allege.

Cairo blaze highlights problem of unsafe makeshift churches

  Cairo blaze highlights problem of unsafe makeshift churches An electrical fire that turned a crowded Cairo church into a deathtrap highlights a persistent problem, say Coptic Christians in majority-Muslim Egypt -- a struggle to build or renovate their places of worship. But the priest -- who lost six relatives in Sunday's fire, including three children -- also said that places of worship still require better inspections to avoid more such tragedies. - 'National unity' -Critics say the state's legal push in the name of "national unity" in fact stigmatises complaints of discrimination as "anti-patriotic", as Fallas argued in a paper for the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy.

“The documents and information retained by Troy Stolz in breach of the Employment Contract and Confidentiality Agreement included a confidential ClubsNSW board paper concerning alleged ATUCMF compliance by member clubs dated 27 May 2019 (the Board Paper),” the statement of claim said.

ClubsNSW also alleges Stolz had discussed setting up his own business offering anti-money laundering and counter terror financing services, and that he used the information while working for other consultancies working in the same field.

Stolz is not relying on a defence under Australia’s whistleblowing laws, the public interest disclosure act, though his actions in blowing the whistle have been hailed as “brave” in federal parliament, including by crossbencher Andrew Wilkie. Stolz has indicated he will be defending the claim, but has yet to file details.

Stolz has been restricted in the way he can comment about the case.

The federal court in November ordered Stolz be restrained from making public statements that are calculated to “intimidate, harass, or otherwise bring improper pressure” on ClubsNSW in relation to the case.

The case continues before the federal court.

Swiss glaciers shrink in half since 1931: study .
Swiss glaciers have shed half their volume since 1931, Swiss researchers said Monday, following the first reconstruction of the country's ice loss in the 20th century. But Swiss researchers from the ETH Zurich technical university and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL say they had now reconstructed the topography of all Swiss glaciers in 1931, making it possible to show how they have evolved. "Based on these reconstructions and comparisons with data from the 2000s, the researchers conclude that the glacier volume halved between 1931 and 2016," they said in a statement.

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