Entertainment: Linux: Microsoft equips WSL 2 with new systemD support from

10 dumbest uses of CGI in movies

  10 dumbest uses of CGI in movies 10 dumbest uses of CGI in movies

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together with Canonical has been working for some time to support the systemD that is important for most modern Linux distributions within WSL 2. The free software developed by Lennart Poettering has largely replaced other init systems such as OpenRC or Sysvinit and polarizes the Linux community again and again. Now it was also released for WSL 2.

In order to make this possible, certain changes to the architecture of WSL 2 were necessary, which can now also be tested by Windows insiders under Windows 11. This requires at least WSL in version 0.67.6 or higher in the variant from the Microsoft Store, the variant integrated in Windows does not work. In addition, the flag for Systemd must be set in the respective Linux distribution. How you do this, Microsoft described in the blog post that I linked as a source below.

With Systemd, modern tools such as Snapd and SystemCTL can now also be used in WSL distributions, which was not yet possible. For more information, Microsoft has also published another video on YouTube, which I embed with you under the post.

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