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How These Former Foes Are Teaming Up to Solve a Middle East Water Crisis

  How These Former Foes Are Teaming Up to Solve a Middle East Water Crisis Yehiya Moubarek would spend each day pacing behind his flock of sheep in the Jordan Valley, beating other shepherds to the water and green grass areas that were growing scarcer by the day due to climate change. About 20 years ago, a new competitor showed up: A group of environmental engineers had blocked off a portion of the land, using esoteric terms like “sustainable farming” to justify their actions. Struggling to get the land back, the shepherds began sabotaging the environmentalists’ project, trespassing on the sequestered land with their flocks, uprooting newly planted trees, and siphoning off water.

now it will be hearty! This delicious spread made of curd cheese and potatoes makes a wonderful bread on a fresh slice and is a great change from butter, cream cheese and Co.

Eine leckere Alternative zu Butter: Kartoffelaufstrich KMG/DIE-KARTOFFEL.DE © kmg/die-kartoffel.de A delicious alternative to butter: potato spread kmg/die potato. DE

cuts, Büterken, Stulle or simply butter bread. The baked goods occupied knows many names and is very popular in Germany. Every last Friday in September, die -hard fans even celebrate the day of the German sandwich. But it doesn't always have to be butter! A homemade potato spread made of potatoes, curd cheese and sour cream is just as delicious. This is how it works:

ingredients 150 g flour -boiling potatoes 120 g curd 50 g sour cream salt and pepper some stems parsley preparation cook the potatoes with bowl, let cool and peel. Stomp with acid cream, curd cheese and butter in a bowl into a homogeneous mass. Season the potato spread with salt and pepper, finely chop parsley and mix in.

delicious: homemade fried potato bread

Practical ways to build trusting relationships .
Whether we knew it at the time or not, we’ve all witnessed a lack of trust. In the workplace it can look like lack of participation in meetings, within families it can look like negativity and even distance, and in romantic relationships it can look like insecurity or lack of intimacy. Trust is the glue that forms the basis of all healthy relationships, and it’s the oil of any conversation that engines its way to productive, honest, and empathetic communication. But how do you build it? Click through to see some practical steps to building trusting relationships in all areas of your life.

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