Entertainment: On the pension reform, "Emmanuel Macron is a hypocrite", estimates Mathilde Panot

Macron restarts reform drive as opponents prepare for battle

  Macron restarts reform drive as opponents prepare for battle French President Emmanuel Macron will get a taste of public resistance to his second-term reform agenda this week during the first nationwide strike called since his re-election in April. - Unpopular - Public opinion towards pension reform and the strikes is likely to be decisive in determining whether Macron succeeds with a reform he called off in 2020 in the face of protests and Covid-19. An opinion poll last week from the Odoxa group found that 55 percent of respondents did not want the reform and 67 percent said they were ready to support protests against it.But a separate survey from the Elabe group gave a more nuanced picture.

Mathilde Panot à Matignon le 30 juin 2022. © Julien de Rosa / AFP Mathilde Panot in Matignon on June 30, 2022.

The head of the deputies La France Insoumise returned this Monday, October 3 , day of parliamentary school, on pension reform and the Quatennens case.

The president of the La France Insoumise group (LFI) in the National Assembly, Mathilde Panot , was the guest of LCI this Monday, October 3, 2022, on the occasion of the start of parliamentary. Pension reform , Quatennens case… She returned to the files of the moment.

For retirement at 60 years

quoting Emmanuel Macron's statements from 2019, where he opposed a retirement legal retreat, Mathilde Panot said: "Emmanuel Macron is a hypocrite. "As long as we have not resolved the problem of unemployment in our country, frankly it would be quite hypocritical to shift the legal age" , said the head of state three years ago. Today he defends retirement at 65.

A former NATO secretary general judges the diplomacy of Emmanuel Macron of "deeply harmful"

 A former NATO secretary general judges the diplomacy of Emmanuel Macron of Anders Fogh Rasmussen criticized the approach of the French president as to his management of the conflict. © supplied by Bang Showbiz cult sentences by Emmanuel Macron A former NATO secretary general criticized Emmanuel Macron's diplomacy towards Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Insoumise France is for retirement at 60. "I do not see why we would force the French to work more, when the challenge is to work all" , explained Mathilde Panot on LCI.

A censorship motion discussed

The LFI group in the National Assembly could use a censorship motion to block the government's pension reform. "We are going to have the discussion this week to define the position of the group" , reports the deputy.

To be adopted, this censure motion will have to be supported by deputies of the national rally. "I do not call them [to support her] and that does not mean that we agree with the national rally. We do not trivialize the extreme right, ", said Mathilde Panot.

It also does not exclude many amendments to the bill: "The last time we had helped to make this pension reform fail, [...] we were 17 rebellious parliamentarians, we had deposited 17,000 amendments. Today we are 75. "So " why not " 75,000 amendments, she said.

Queensland tried to reform property tax, but state rivalry derailed it. This doesn’t bode well

  Queensland tried to reform property tax, but state rivalry derailed it. This doesn’t bode well Its clumsy attempt at property tax reform reflects how difficult meaningful change is — and how the state is returning to a bubble.And let’s face it: Queensland, as one of the larger states, needs to pull hardest. Its most recent and comparatively modest effort was to change the rules around liability for land tax — an annual charge that hits the bank accounts of large property owners and investors.

Quatennens case: "We take things seriously"

The LFI deputies' head of Parliament was also questioned on the Quatennens affair. Adrien Quatennens, coordinator of LFI, admitted to having made a slap to his wife, who deposited a handrail. He has since taken back his duties.

"It is not a small decision to tell him that he had to get backwards" , said Mathilde Panot. “We do not put under the carpet. We take things seriously ", she insisted, pointing a government " which mistreats women ": " I am angry to see Ms. Borne support Mr. Darmanin, in government, Mr. Abbad, Who stayed for the government for a long time ... "

a background" The time it takes "

Adrien Quatennens will not be present in the hemicycle this Monday afternoon " because he is managing Divorce ”, she said. Its background will be maintained "The time it takes" , said the deputy. He no longer exercises his function as a parliamentarian but continues to be paid as such. "We are not judges" , explained Mathilde Panot.

The LFI deputies' head of Parliament finally recalled that its group would present its plan for the winter next Thursday, faced with the energy crisis, deploring that the debate intervenes in the assembly until November.

Previously in retirement without discounts: acquired earnings points can be remedied .
In order to compensate for discounts, prospective pensioners can purchase earnings points. However, some things have to be observed. © provided by Finanzen.net Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images If you want to retire but has not yet reached your retirement age, you have to count on discounts. However, it is also possible to buy pension points to compensate for any discounts.

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