Entertainment: Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead final: Andrew Lincoln returns at the end or not?

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After 11 seasons, The Walking Dead has now ended with the series finale. We explain to all curious whether Andrew Lincoln has returned as Rick Grimes for the big conclusion.

After 11 seasons, 12 years and 177, The Walking Dead has now ended with the big series finale rest in Peace. Of course, many fans of the very beginning were primarily wondering whether Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln ) would return to season 9 after leaving.

Anyone who has already given up the series or now only wants to know whether Rick appears in the final will now find out the answer here. Of course, spoilers for the Walking Dead series final follow.

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looks at a trailer for The Walking Dead series final: So The Walking Dead Rick Grimes returns the short answer in the series finale: Yes, Rick Grimes reappears in the final The Walking Dead episode. At the end of the episode there is a five -minute epilogue, which also shows Rick and Michonne (

Danai Gurira ) again.

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After being seriously injured in season 9 by a helicopter, Rick is in the series finale without shoes and with a jacket of the CRM (Civic Republic Military)) to see. To avoid that his shoes, his diary and cell phone are confiscated, he puts all the items into a backpack and throws him on a boat. Then you can hear how a helicopter approaches again, while the refugee Rick is asked to arise.

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Rick Grimes im The Walking Dead-Finale © AMC © AMC Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Finals © AMC In parallel, you can also see how Michonne is on a horse with exactly this backpack. Apparently she is on the way to Rick. From the off, the scenes of both entries from the diary can be heard, which Rick and Michonne led together. They are hopeful words for their children.

Rick and Michonne return to The Walking Dead branch

2023 get the figures a common spin-off series.

The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne will rotate how the two have to come together. The overpowering military unit CRM , which Rick apparently had to join, will also play a larger role again. A precise start for the offshoot has not yet been determined.

Are you looking forward to the spin-off series for The Walking Dead with Rick and Michonne?

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