Entertainment: M. Lopez Obrador urges the Peruvian congress to authorize Mr. Castillo to go to Mexico: "It is an act of humiliation".

The Constitutional Court of Peru cancels the accusation of treason against Castillo

 The Constitutional Court of Peru cancels the accusation of treason against Castillo provided by News 360 Archives - The President of Peru Pedro Castillo - Naldy Castillo Gomez / Zuma Press / Contactophoto The constitutional court of Peru ordered Tuesday at the Congress of the country to cancel the alleged betrayal complaint filed against the Peruvian president Pedro Castillo, asking for his forfeiture for five years.

Le président du Mexique, Andrés Manuel López Obrador - PRESIDENCIA DE MÉXICO © provided by News 360 The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Presidencia de México

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked the Peruvian Congress to reconsider the possibility of authorizing the Peruvian president Pedro Castillo to go Mexico after the lower room refused to grant him this authorization last week.

Asked about the refusal of the Peruvian Parliament to allow the president of the Andean country to attend the delivery to Peru of the "pro tempore" presidency of the Pacific Alliance in Mexico, Mr. López Obrador said he acted with an "act of humiliation" and that it was not the way in which the congress should behave.

Missing California mother of two found dead, ex-husband in custody: police

  Missing California mother of two found dead, ex-husband in custody: police A missing California mother of two was found dead Sunday in California and her ex-husband has been arrested as the prime suspect in her murder, police said.Rachel Castillo, 25, was reported missing Thursday after her sister, Emily Castillo, arrived at the home they share and found a "significant amount of blood," according to the Simi Valley Police Department.

"I hope that this attitude changes, because that would be another option, that they grant him permission and that we held the meeting in Mexico (...) This could be another option, that the question is to New Treaty - I say it respectfully - at the Peruvian Congress and that with great responsibility it is resolved, "said the Mexican president at a joint press conference with his Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric.

M. López Obrador stressed the impossibility of passing the relays of the Pacific Alliance in Peru, now chaired by Mexico, if the Peruvian head of state cannot attend the meeting, assuring that the Peruvian parliament respected "an institutional, state, nations" agreement.

"I believe that this is not the way, it is not the way of behaving with a government. It is to participate in an act of humiliation and we are not accomplices of those who want to impose themselves Through political politics, dignity must be above all, "added the Mexican leader.

Mexico's 'Black Panther' star fights racism at home

  Mexico's 'Black Panther' star fights racism at home In Hollywood, he's the rising star of the sequel to "Black Panther," the first major Black superhero movie. Huerta hopes that his appearance in "Black Panther" -- which also stars Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, who was born in Mexico to Kenyan parents -- will help their struggle. "The perception changes if we have these dark-skinned actors, of clearly Indigenous descent, in positions of power and influence, who are kings and great warriors," he said.Huerta also wants to see changes in wider Mexican customs, such as the popular saying still heard in some homes that daughters should marry a white man to "improve the race.

"How are we going to have an alliance of the Pacific in Mexico without the president of Peru! This is like saying: the show must continue, otherwise we don't care, that does not concern us, and that it should participate by videoconferencing. No, we cannot accept this. It is to show a lot of arrogance that not to authorize a legal president, legitimately constituted, to attend an official meeting in another country, where he will receive the presidency From the alliance of several Pacific countries, "he added.

In this sense, Mr. López Obrador pointed out that it is not a question of politicians or leaders, but the peoples of the countries that make up the peaceful alliance.

He also expressed his conviction that he is in the interest of "our Peruvian brothers" to improve relations with Mexico, Chile and Colombia, as well as with all the countries of the continent and the world.

"I would be criticized in Mexico for not going to an invitation which relates to the development of the country, the profits for the Mexican people, simply because of political or ideological interests", reaffirmed the Mexican president.

Mexican and Chilean presidents met this Wednesday in Mexico after the suspension of the Pacific Alliance's summit - planned this week in the same city - due to the absence of the Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo, the Andean Parliament having refused authorization to travel.

According to article 102 of the Peruvian Constitution, Congress has in particular the power "to authorize the President of the Republic to leave the country". This is why Mr. Castillo must request an authorization whenever he wants to go abroad.

The government of Castillo has spoken out against parliamentary resolutions, because he considers that each time the president is prohibited from attending an international meeting, it is not the president who is injured, "but Rather the foreign and humanitarian policy that we seek to strengthen by cooperation ".

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