Entertainment: Jennifer Lopez: Your Rich Girl manicure are the most solemn nude nails that you will see this year

Drinking water: A new study now reveals how much you should really eat

 Drinking water: A new study now reveals how much you should really eat water must be: at least two liters a day? © Stocksy Everyone: R White, for health you have to do four important things: Essen East , move every day, sleep enough and drink a lot. How much fluid a healthy, adult person should consume, of course, depends on several factors such as B. body size or activities - but the recommendation is between two and three liters a day. Expert: In the inside, it actually doesn't see that so tight.

Jennifer Lopez: This is how your "Rich Girl" manicure from

  Jennifer Lopez: Ihre Rich Girl-Maniküre sind die feierlichsten Nude Nails, die ihr dieses Jahr sehen werdet © Getty Images

are peppered with events and Not feeling the nails constantly wants to make a look that works for everything and still looks stunning. An actress Jennifer Lopez shows which that could be. Tom Bachik, the nail artist of the stars, has now posted her latest manicure on Instagram and we love the subtle, stylish look.


The nail artist says to the "Rich Girl" Manicure

"We wanted to create a luxurious, elegant look for Thanksgiving," explains nail artist Tom Bachik to the magazine Vogue. "Nothing says more than a beautiful, creamy, fully covering greige - in the style of Chanel." The MIDI-Coffin manicure definitely offers an alternative to Jennifer Lopez ' Bordeaux nails or Moccha-Nails and-we find-is an ideal inspiration for the manicure trend color of the next few weeks.

Protesters bare all at Black Friday sales

  Protesters bare all at Black Friday sales Naked environmental activists have hit Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall during Black Friday sales in defiance of the fast fashion industry.The nude Extinction Rebellion demonstrators stood behind a banner that read: "Fast fashion costs the earth; rather go naked".

& 24112022-ciara-shag © Getty Images 24112022-CIARA-SHAG

Ciara: The singer is now wearing a shag, and we have never seen the haircut so cool

trendy midi cut

He is still there: The shag. As we prefer to wear it in the winter of 2022, singer Ciara with her new haircut

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22112022-sabrina-augenringe-unterspritzen-aufmacher © Marlene Gotschlich 22112022-Sabrina-Eye Rings-Onitager

Subsetting in the self-test: "I dared-and that If I had liked to know beforehand "

hyaluronic acid under the eye

If you want your dark circles, you can have dermatologist injected. But the treatment is associated with risks (in the worst case even: blind). One of our colleagues has tried the eye circles for you-including advice from an expert

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21112022-silver-blond © Getty Images 21112022-Silver Blond

"Silver Blonde Hair" is the perfect addition to blonde, which immediately radiates from our hair Winter vibes gives

M. Lopez Obrador urges the Peruvian congress to authorize Mr. Castillo to go to Mexico: "It is an act of humiliation".

 M. Lopez Obrador urges the Peruvian congress to authorize Mr. Castillo to go to Mexico: © provided by News 360 The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador - Presidencia de México Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked the Peruvian Congress to reconsider the possibility of authorizing the Peruvian president Pedro Castillo to go Mexico after the lower room refused to grant him this authorization last week.

like Lametta!

Are you looking for a new shoot for your platinum blonde? Or did you want to get brighter for a long time? Then "Silver Blonde Hair" is exactly right for you - especially for the festive season

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© Getty Images "Mr. Turner" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Blake Lively: Your "Antique Grandma" -Mani meadow is so old -fashioned that it is cool again

is Grandma's wallpaper?

The current manicure from Blake Lively looks like Grandma's wallpaper and at first glance quite old -fashioned. However, we can imagine that the trend will be exactly the trend, and are

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Rhode Island official shares 'extreme' view that using the wrong pronoun is an act of violence .
A Rhode Island elected official claimed using the wrong pronouns was a form of violence, and used a definition from the World Health Organization to justify her claims.Jennifer Lima is a school committee member for the North Kingstown school district and is involved in bringing "antiracist" policies into the district. In 2021, she faced a recall effort for pushing an alleged "Marxist" and pro-critical race theory agenda.

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