Entertainment: A seminar dedicated to Beyoncé begins this Thursday at the École Normale Supérieure

2022 American Music Awards Winners: The Complete List

  2022 American Music Awards Winners: The Complete List See who walked away with some fancy new hardware at this year's star-studded ceremony.Going into this year's show, reigning Favorite Male Latin Artist Bad Bunny led the pack with a whopping eight nominations! Meanwhile, superstars Beyoncé and Taylor Swift held the honor of being the most nominated female artists this year, with six nods each, while Adele, Harry Styles, and The Weeknd follow close behind with five a piece.

Beyoncé, le 14 mars 2022, lors de la cérémonie des Grammy Awards à Los Angeles. © Kevin Winter / Getty Images via AFP Beyoncé, on March 14, 2022, during the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

The prestigious École Normale Supérieure launches this Thursday, November 24, a seminar dedicated to the study of the singer Beyoncé. This seminar aims to be "a gateway to understanding our time".

This Thursday, November 24, 2022, a seminar for the least original starts at the very prestigious École Normale Supérieure (ENS) . Indeed, a seminar of six sessions, spread over several months, is devoted to singer Beyoncé .

"This student seminar aims to reflect on the notions of culture and representativeness. He starts from the figure of Beyoncé, a world pop icon, to approach some of the essential themes of the contemporary world that French-speaking university research begins to grasp, beyond the Anglo-Saxon area ", specifies the ENS on its site.

A group of bandits removes at least 40 people in the state of Zamfara, Nigeria.

 A group of bandits removes at least 40 people in the state of Zamfara, Nigeria. © supplied by News 360 File - Image of a school attacked by bandits in the state of Zamfara, Nigeria. - Emma Houston / Xinhua News / Contactophoto at least 40 people were removed this week in the state of Zamfara, in northern Nigeria, by a group of "bandits", a term used by the Nigerian government to designate the dangerous groups Armed with kidnapping and extortion that has been rampant in a large part of the country for years.

"A gateway to the understanding of our time"

of journalists, authors, artists or philosophers were invited to evoke several subjects around the singer such as feminism, her impact on the music industry, but also critics appropriation of which it is the target. "Because Beyoncé's voice wears, she also escapes her: studying her productions, her speeches and their repercussions is an entrance door to the understanding of our time" , sums up the ENS.

This cycle of conferences will be captured in audio and available to everyone, promise the students who launched it. An Instagram account was also created on this seminar .

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