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Entertainment: The Reinmanns: Bitter TV disappointment around Manu and Konny

point of view. You have to believe in the promise of dawn

 point of view. You have to believe in the promise of dawn © Ouest-France. Live of the day on Lake Grand-Lieu (Loire-Atlantique). Old age often comes to erode enthusiasm and stop optimisms. However, we should strive to "not shrink the washing of life", said writer Jean-Pierre Guéno. Often many men of value have trouble aging without expressing a feeling of weariness and disappointment turned towards the society around them, believing that they have had their time and that they do not want to know the tomorrows that prepare .

How nice it would have been if Konny or Manu Reimann had appeared as a surprise guest in the current episodes of "Celebrity Big Brother 2022"! And that was exactly what seemed to be related. After Jeremy Fragrance surprisingly left the container, replacement was quickly found. It was announced in the form of an Instagram contribution. "Who could this case belong to? If you move into the #promibb house tonight, you can see today at 10:15 p.m. ”, Sat.1 had his spectators: made curious on Thursday, November 24th.

  Die Reinmanns: Bittere TV-Enttäuschung um Manu und Konny © rtlzwei

Many “Celebrity Big Brother” fans were immediately certain: it must be a member of the Reimann family! Why? A lot of this indicated that, especially the Hawaii sticker. After all, Konny and Manu are probably the most famous German celebrities who live on the island. The sticker from the Australian Shark Bay could also have pointed out Konny Reimann, because the adventurer regularly goes swimming with sharks. The car also gave hope, after all, the emigrant recently bought a Cadillac!

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But that's not all: A bird - Konny and Manu love nature and are owners of two birds were also represented on the suitcase. You could have come to the Reimanns in the cheese piece, because Manu decreased 17 kilos by waiving dairy products. Only cheese could not always resist. The sunglasses also matched the cult emigrants because of the sunny adopted home.

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basically the matter was clear! “Konny Reimann would be cool. But I don't think he would take part in such a program, "wrote a fan," Probably becomes Manu !!!! "replied another. But then the bitter disappointment followed, because not Konny or Manu Reimann moved into the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, but Catrin Heyne, who was once seen in "Goodbye Germany". Great disappointment with the audience: inside, because the woman with the extensions is not exactly known. Comments like "Not your serious?", "Who is that?" Or "I thought it was celebrity Big Brother ??????" Say everything ...

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