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Entertainment: "I did all the imaginable bullshit": the comments cash by Jean-Marie Bigard on the money he won in his career

Jean-Marie Straub: French director died

 Jean-Marie Straub: French director died His films were bulky and demanding, often also controversial: French director Jean-Marie Straub died at the age of 89. © Urs Flueeler/ dpa The French filmmaker Jean-Marie Straub died on Sunday at the age of 89 in his adopted home role in Switzerland. This was confirmed by Christophe Bolli from the National Swiss Filmarchive Cinémathèque Suisse. In a way, Straub was also considered the father of the new German film of the 1960s and 1970s.

Sur le plateau de © C8 on the set of "TPMP" (C8) this Monday 28 November, Jean-Marie Bigard confided in complete transparency on the fortune he won during his career and that he dilapidated, using in particular his money to help or please others.

He was one of the largest stars of French humor. In the early 2000s, Jean-Marie Bigard was truly essential and multiplied successes. During the last of his show of animals and men , in 2004, he performed at the Stade de France in front of more than 50,000 people. Such a level of success obviously had consequences on the daily life of the humorist, who has won XXL sums.

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 © Capture screen - C8 Lola Marois has returned to a potential return project more beautiful life . It is this Monday, November 21 in the program TPMP that three of the emblematic actors of the series Plus belle la vie , namely Fabienne Carat, Lola Marois and Avy Marciano returned to the stop of the emblematic soap opera of France 3.

present as a columnist on the set of TPMP (C8) this Monday, November 28, Jean-Marie Bigard sincerely spoke of his fortune that was his for several years. " I earned a lot of money. But I am a colander, I gave everything to the right to the left ," he started. Cyril Hanouna then explained that for a long time, the humorist had the reputation of paying for everyone, whether at the restaurant or on vacation. "This is the best way to ruin yourself," said the main interested party with humor. Jean-Marie Bigard then explained that for him, these expenses were made completely naturally. " I went to a theater, and if there was an engine problem, ba I made the engines change. I was looked at with huge eyes and we said that guy there he does not buy a yatch but he Put his cash in the theater where he plays'. But I was done like that, it is the mold that is like that , "he explained. Arrested by Matthieu Delormeau, Jean-Marie Bigard will then reveal his craziest expense.

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 Sylvie Vartan: How Jean-Jacques Standing has just let go of a huge bomb about his personal life! © Alamy/Abaca Sylvie Vartan: How Jean-Jacques Standing has just let go of a huge bomb about his personal life! In his Memoirs, " The color of the ghosts" , Jean-Jacques Debout, the husband of Chantal Goya says that he was one of the rare friends and confidants of Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan. At Paris Match , he tells how he got angry with the couple, from 1964, the year of their meeting.

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" a while ago, I realized that if I could, if I wanted to buy a Lamborghini Diablo. She had just arrived. It was my kid's dream! I said: 'I can do it, arrive in the store, say I would like that'. And I went there, I bought it , "he said. Unfortunately, Jean-Marie Bigard will be disillusioned when reselling it. " She has decorated to the point that two years later, the car was barely two-thirds of the sum I had bought it, two years before ," he added. If he no longer has his fortune of the time, Jean-Marie Bigard does not seem to regret anything: " I did all the bullshit possible and imaginable with money. On the other hand, I did a lot of Good things and that, I don't regret it , "he concluded.

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