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Entertainment: "That evening, I had decided to put it back in the light": Patrick Sébastien pays tribute to Linda de Suza by broadcasting an extract from his return to TV (video)

"Tomorrow belongs to us": TF1 backtrack and confirms the return of its soap opera this evening

 after announcing the deprogramming of its soap, "Tomorrow belongs to us", TF1 Retropnedale. © Philippe Warrin/Telsete/TF1 "We live to the rhythm of the Blues" we smile internally. After having urgently announced the deprogramming of the return of "Tomorrow belongs to us", to devote his antenna to the return to Paris of the French football team, TF1 rear machine.

" She was in the shadows"

Patrick Sébastien recorded a message on her YouTube channel to evoke the artist and pay him tribute. "There is a friend who left us, I am obviously talking about Linda de Suza", he said in the preamble to her video. To greet the singer's memory, he chose to broadcast the images " of a somewhat special sequence", his arrival in in the happiness years. " It had been a very long time since she had passed on television. It was like that, she was in the shade. And then that evening, I decided to put it back in the light" , he explained. He then described a sequence " both joyful with the beautiful voice and the songs of Linda", but also "very, very moving, because she was very, very touched to return to television" . After sanging its greatest tubes L'étore or Tiroli Tirola, Linda de Suza had spoke to address the public. "I miss you so much" , do we mean saying the singer at the end of her performance on stage. "From my whole soul, you missed you so much. It's been 13 years old, my voice, she didn't want to go out. Not even in my house, my dog, he does not know the stamp of my voice. He does not know ", had added with emotion the singer, evoking an " miracle " directed by Patrick Sébastien.

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His agent could not realize his last will

Fabien Lecoeuvre, his agent, spoke of the last will of the singer, whom he unfortunately could not achieve. " she wanted me to place her in a convent, to have a religious retreat, and finish her existence like that. Unfortunately, I did not have time since the disease was stronger in the end", a-t -he regrets.

also read the singer Linda de Suza died at the age of 74

Linda de Suza, dead at 74, was the icon of Portuguese immigrants .
© Max Rosereau, Photopqr/Voix du Nord/Maxppp The French popular singer of Portuguese origin died at the age of 74 years , this Wednesday, December 28. Symbol of Portuguese immigration from the 1960s and 1970s, Linda de Suza, a successful singer in the 1980s, died this Wednesday, December 28 at 74. She had laid her cardboard suitcase in Paris in the late 1960s and had become the emblem of several generations of Portuguese immigrants in France.

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