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Money: Anonymous attacks Elon Musk because of Bitcoin Tweets to

British police seek hemp plantation - and finds bitcoin-mining farm

 British police seek hemp plantation - and finds bitcoin-mining farm high power consumption, ventilation systems and heat - everything indicated an illegally operated hemp plantation. But what the police found in Birmingham then was a bitcoin mining farm. © West Midlands Police confiscated bitcoin mining equipment. What hemp plantations and bitcoin mining farms occurs is their high power consumption. When creating a kilogram of grass, calculations should be used around 5,000 kilowatt hours of energy. The bitcoin exceeds this .

Elon Musk is targeted by the hacker group Anonymous. In a VIA social media, Musk is accused of abusing its power to manipulate the bitcoin courses.

Anonymous kritisiert Elon Musk. © Anonymous criticizes Elon Musk.

In February, the communication had that Tesla Bitcoin has bought $ 1.5 billion , a price rally at the world's largest crypto currency triggered. A few months later, Tesla boss Elon Musk brought with the news that Bitcoin was too environmentally harmful to use as a means of payment at Tesla, the courses into slides - and brought many people around their investments . Now the hacker group Anonymous Musk has taken visor.

Anonymous: Musk for Bitcoin Crash Responsible

About the According to its own data most important anonymous channel @youranoncentral, the activists spread the activists a YouTube video in which they make musk responsible for the bitcoin crash - and make it various allegations. It is not saved with personal attacks. For example, Musk, who has previously enjoyed the best reputation among the billionaires, remove itself as another "narcissistic rich guy", who desperately searches for attention.

Crypto Wobbles, with more 'Puts' than 'Calls'; Dollar Ticking Down

  Crypto Wobbles, with more 'Puts' than 'Calls'; Dollar Ticking Down Crypto prices have recovered from the lows, but investors remain cautious. Meanwhile, the dollar continued to tick down as traders assessed U.S. inflation, job growth and consumer spending amid the economic rebound from the COVID-19 lockdown.For Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, May was the cruelest month.

instead of taking care of the well-being of humanity, Musk only exit a "superiority and savior complex". The employees in his factories that have been confronted under Musk's management for years with unbearable working conditions, would already know that for a long time. In addition, Anonymous brings the children into the game, which would impact raw materials for the batteries of the Tesla vehicles in Lithium mines in Africa or South America. Even a page wire on the origin Musks from South Africa (keyword: apartheid) is not missing in the video.

For this, acts the activists to the Tesla boss, not so unique in the field of electromobility and space travel, but only to have developed a cult via social media through "ShitPosting and Trolling". Another accusation: the money invested by Tesla in Bitcoin "most likely" mainly from the Sold CO2 Certificates - so the government money. In addition, the realization that the bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy has been known for some time. Musk have had to know that.

Diner in the 50s-year-style: Tesla plans own restaurant at charging stations in California

 Diner in the 50s-year-style: Tesla plans own restaurant at charging stations in California The American Electroautobauer Tesla plans according to CEO Elon Musk, to build its own restaurant on its charging stations in California. The name and the company logo have already been registered for the restaurant operation. © Picture Alliance / Chris Carlson SuperCharger in California Santa Monica.

Anonymous: Musks destroy Krypto games Life

Central accusation of Anonymous should probably be the point that Musk with its part cryptic statements on Twitter influenced the BitCoin course at least. Or, as the one with the typical guy-fawkes mask and distorted voice says anonymised man in the video: Musk had destroyed with his "games on the crypto market". "You may think that you are the smartest person in the room, but now you met your counterpart," says finally in the video.

Do not Kill What You Hate,

Save What You Love

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 5, 2021

Concretely Anonymous did not become anonymous. The hacker group is initially expected to have a reaction of Elon Musk. However, they have already failed. Perhaps the latest Tweet with the content "Do not Kill What You Hate, Save What You Love" as well as a completely black profile picture on Twitter as an answer. Anonymous has reacted as follows: "Stop Hiding and Answer #Anonymous".

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