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Money: to E cars and solar roofs: Elon Musk announces part 3 of his "secret master plan" on

Grimes, Elon Musk Split Again After Announcing the Birth of Their 2nd Child

  Grimes, Elon Musk Split Again After Announcing the Birth of Their 2nd Child Grimes, Elon Musk Split Again After Announcing the Birth of Their 2nd Child“Me and E have broken up *again* since the writing of this article haha, but he’s my best friend and the love of my life, and my life and art are forever dedicated to The Mission now,” the musician, 33, tweeted on Thursday, March 10. “I think Devin wrote that part of the story rly well. Sique – peace out.

as Elon Musk 2006 introduced the first part of his so-called "Master Plan", he was still smiled. Unsreachable his visions of affordable electric cars for the masses, insignificant and small seemed Tesla at the time. In the meantime, the billions-heavy Tesla CEO has proven several times that he implements his plans - no matter how ambitious they seem - in action.

The original plan was as follows: develop an expensive E-sports car, which enables enough profit to develop another e-car (Model S) that is affordable, but still enough money in the cash register rinses Finally, to develop an electric car for the wide mass (Model 3). The project of the Tesla CEO could not have been more successful over the stage. The today-moving electric cars model S, Model X and Model 3 are evidence for this.

Elon Musk and Grimes welcome second child in secret

  Elon Musk and Grimes welcome second child in secret Elon Musk and his former girlfriend Grimes welcomed daughter Exa Dark Sideræl in secret with the singer confirming the news in a interview with Vanity Fair magazine.The singer confirmed that she and the Tesla founder had become parents again in an interview with the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

in July 2016, a decade later, Musk explained, his master plan is in the final phase and laid with a second part. In an Blogpost , he spoke of electric busts and trucks as well as the further development of autonomous driving and private robot taxis. Next were solar roofs with integrated battery memory in planning. Most aspects of "Part Deux" has already implemented Musk, including the climate-friendly solar roofs and the "novel pickup" he presented as cybertruck in November 2019. For autonomous driving since autumn 2020 at the beta software FSD in the US, as reported "Teslamag" .

Part 3 of the Master Plan throws question mark on

Working on Master Plan Part 3

- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 17, 2022

Now the multi-billionaire indicated that probably a third stage of its vision is imminent. "Working at Masterplan Part 3," he shared on Twitter. A concrete date has not called Musk. Tesla and Space X fans have to be a bit more painful. In the meantime, it is diligently speculated in the comment columns, which happens next. Is part 3 around Tesla to Spacex, or something quite different?

Elon Musk's Tesla tweets are fair game for investigation, SEC says

  Elon Musk's Tesla tweets are fair game for investigation, SEC says "So long as Musk and Tesla use Musk’s Twitter account to disclose information to investors, the SEC may legitimately investigate matters relating to Tesla’s disclosure controls and procedures, including Musk’s tweets about Tesla” the regulator wrote.The subpoena is looking into Tesla's "governance processes around compliance" with an amended 2018 settlement to resolve securities fraud charges, according to a 10-K filing.

Some users have expressed the desire that MUSK will make the cars even more affordable in the future. "You should work on affordable cars - that should have priority, otherwise your company is by no means a substitute for clean energy, but a toy store for the elites," it said in a comment. In January, the Tesla boss still said that Humanoid robots in the development of Tesla are currently sampling top priority. The autonomous driving is likely to be a central point again and the further education of battery factories worldwide.


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Twitter Share: Elon Musks Influence on Twitter As the largest single shareholder .
, Elon Musk can influence the way people tweet, now that he is the largest single shareholder of Twitter? © Provided by Andrew Burton / Getty Images • Elon Musk becomes the largest single shareholder of Twitter • Edit button and freedom of expression • Positive reactions to engagement of the investor in an April 4 at Securities and Exchange Commission submitted report will be announced Elon Musk's purchase of 73.49 million Twitter shares (date of purchase 14 March). He has 9.2 perc

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