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Money: BYD share places to: Tesla competitor BYD with strong numbers - increased costs burden profit in the full year

E-Cars "Made in Germany": Tesla- "GigaFabrik" in Grünheide officially opened

 E-Cars a good two years after the construction start, the first European Tesla plant in Grünheide at Berlin officially launches. US Group chef Elon Musk flew to his "GigaFabrik" to pass the first electric cars from German production to customers on Tuesday. Brandenburg celebrates the billions of project with in the future 12,000 employees and a target mark of 500,000 cars per year as a signal for all East Germany.

The Chinese BYD Group has opened its books.

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The fourth quarter of the year 2021 has come to an end for BYD with a strong win. During the reporting period, earnings per share was 0.740 CNY after 0.300 CNY before the annual period. Analysts had added an EPS of 0.740 CNY to the company in advance.

The proceeds were meanwhile declining and fell from 51.58 billion CNY to 42.50 billion CNY. As a result, the company met the analyst expectations precisely.

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in the full year 2021, the EPS was 1.06 CNY after 1.47 CNY in the previous year. Net profit sacked high cost of 4.23 billion CNY to 3.05 billion CNY. Meanwhile, revenues attracted from 153.47 to 211.30 billion CNY. Experts had previously forecasted a profit per share of 1.51 CNY and revealed from 214.80 billion CNY.

Both the sales of electric vehicles as well as smartphone components and rechargeable batteries have risen in the year under review, shared the business. For 2022, the development of new car models should be accelerated, in addition, ByD further wanted to establish itself as an important provider of mobile phone components in the US.

The BYD share is highlighted in Shenzhen stock marketplace and wins 1.82 percent in late trading at 234.21 CNY.

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Tesla inaugurates huge Texas plant with party just as big .
Tesla welcomed throngs of electric car lovers to Texas Thursday for a huge party inaugurating a "gigafactory" the size of 100 professional soccer fields. Online buzz has swelled ever since Tesla's colorful but controversial founder and chief executive Elon Musk tweeted word of the event, with reports of perhaps as many as 15,000 guests taking part in the official plant opening in the state capital Austin. Tesla owners posted plans for cross country road trips, while others urged the uninvited to just show up and find a way inside.

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