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Money: Coca-Cola gives machine shop and saves a

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Berlin. The beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola wants to reduce places. The Group's Deutschland subsidiary shared on Tuesday in Berlin that a total of 410 places should be eliminated in this country.

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The company plans to fully abandon the location in Hamm (NRW) at the end of the year. There are currently 82 employees working, well half of the places should be canceled. The other half - such as sales advisors and other field staff - remains planned in the region, but their jobs are assigned to other locations.

In Urbach in Baden-Württemberg, the workshop area should be set at the end of February 2023, five places fall away. The local logistics and other areas remain. The repair business has been declining for several years, the company justified her step. Most of the planned job cuts are about automatic and service technicians who are currently working throughout Germany and are assigned to specific locations organizationally.

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Coca-Cola in Germany is also active in the machine business - the company fillets beverage and snack machines and also takes over maintenance and repair. This business does not want to make the company anymore, but handed over to external service providers. The workplace reduction wants Coca-Cola to design "as socially responsible as possible on the basis of our new collective agreement".

The Union Food Enjoyment Restaurants (NGG) showed itself disappointed. "This is a sad day for the workers at Coca-Cola," said Unionist Freddy Adjan. "Together with the works councils, we will work to submit alternative proposals and to make socially acceptable solutions to mitigate the effects of these dramatic plans."

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