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Money: NetApp buys Instacrus

Robbie Williams buys Fanny Brice's old mansion for $49.5M

  Robbie Williams buys Fanny Brice's old mansion for $49.5M British pop star Robbie Williams has snapped up a lavish property in Los Angeles - once owned by comedian Fanny Brice - for $49.5 million just weeks after saying he has 'nowhere to live'.

netapp-logo © default_credit NetApp logo NetApp announces the acquisition of instacur, a platform for providing and management of open source data and workflow applications as a service.

NetApp yesterday announced the signing of a definitive agreement to take over Instaclustr , a platform provider of fully managed open source database, pipeline and workflow applications that are provided as a service. The takeover is subject to the usual final conditions.

Modern cloud applications are based on a growing number of basic services, including multiple open source databases, data pipelines, and workflow solutions. Efficient management of growing complexity and operational requirements of these applications and services provides new challenges that already overloaded infrastructure, database and operating teams, increases the cost of application integration and provision, slows the application deployment and slows the application innovation.

Anthony Albanese is a secret property tycoon with homes worth MILLIONS

  Anthony Albanese is a secret property tycoon with homes worth MILLIONS Labor leader Anthony Albanese has snapped up homes worth around $5million around Sydney and Canberra - and last year banked a share of the $2.35m sale of an investment property.The man who would be Labor's first Prime Minister in almost a decade has quietly been putting together a significant real estate portfolio.

"NetApp has long been a leader in solutions that customers enable the operation of applications," says George Kurian, CEO of NetApp. "With the acquisition of Unstaclustr, we combine the established management position of NetApp in continuous storage and compute optimization with the completely managed database and data pipeline services of instacur, to provide customers a cloud surgical platform that the best and The most optimal basis for your applications in the public clouds and on the spot. "

The acquisition of instacur builds on a series of strategic acquisitions of NetApp to provide a leading best-of-suite platform for cloudops. The strategic acquisitions of NetApp, including Spot, CloudCheckr, Data Mechanics, Fylamnt and now instacur, have made Spot by NetApp to a platform for applications in a cloud and over several clouds - continuous optimization, automation, monitoring and safety in combination with the Experience in the implementation and operation of open source applications, all provided as a service in Public and Private Clouds to provide customers more cloud with less cost and less time.

Kanye West Gifts Chaney Jones a Rare Birkin Bag Worth $275K

  Kanye West Gifts Chaney Jones a Rare Birkin Bag Worth $275K Kanye West Gifts Chaney Jones a Rare Birkin Bag Worth $275KAccording to Page Six Style, West, 44, gifted the social media influencer, 24, a bag worth $275,000. The silver metallic Chèvre leather with palladium hardware item was purchased from Privé Porter at Jones’ request.

"Technology platforms for data management are becoming more and more important for modern companies as they are looking for new ways to accelerate application development and thus achieve competitive advantages. Instaclus offers fully managed open source solutions that enable companies to increase productivity and lower costs, "explains Peter Lilley, CEO and co-founder of Unstaclus. "The growth of Instacur was driven by the fact that companies want to use open source databases, pipelines and workflow applications without being able to overwhelm complexity and cost of their administration and operation. We are pleased to develop companies that develop applications for their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud reality, directly from the data PAAs solutions from Instaclus in conjunction with the infrastructure solutions from NetApp and Spot By NetApp, while expensing for can minimize operation. "

Gefco buys the shares held by Russian railways

 Gefco buys the shares held by Russian railways Ukraine-crisis-gefco-rzd: Gefco widespread the shares held by Russian railways © Reuters / Evgenia Novozhenina Gefco buys the shares held by the railways Russians Paris (Reuters) - GEFCO announced on Friday the redemption of the entire 75% participation owned by Russian railways (RZD) placed on the list of companies covered by Western penalties because of the war in Ukraine .

" companies strive for the modernization and digital transformation in the cloud must implement solutions that enable them to focus more on creating and sharing state-of-the-art applications and less for infrastructure management and less To spend the operation ", emphasizes Anthony Lye, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Public Cloud Services at NetApp. "Instaclus offers exactly that and is an important complement to our spot by NetApp portfolio. It solves common problems such as the complexity of the cloud, cost overruns, binding to a single provider and lack of internal technical resources at customers. The acquisition is a crucial progress in our strategy to operate application-controlled platforms and infrastructures. "

" From a technological and product-related point of view, NetApp powerful infrastructure solutions fit perfectly with the data layer AS-A-service solutions and services from Instaclus ", Report Ben Bromhead, CTO and co-founder of Unstaclustr. "For corporate customers who operate applications in the Public Cloud or On-Premise, the combined platform of NetApp and Instacur offers an incomparable solution to tackle the complexity of the cloud while at the same time the risk of provider binding and the high cost of building and the Maintaining the same know-how in your own house. "

Russell Wilson puts his Washington mansion on the market for $36M .
The couple have listed their palatial home for $36 million. Photos capture the resplendent property in full, from access to adjacent Lake Washington to its luxurious interior. The picturesque, two story home sits on 1.89 acres and comes with a whopping six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.The home is even equipped with a tram which takes riders to the lake's edge.A dock constructed at the edge of the water can accommodate four boats, including a 60' yacht.

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