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Money: metackers. Facebook intends to generate revenue from the compensation of creators

Labor's multinational tax avoidance election pitch is to tighten loopholes, name and shame cheats

  Labor's multinational tax avoidance election pitch is to tighten loopholes, name and shame cheats As part of its election pitch to fight multinational tax avoidance, Labor announces plans to tighten legal loopholes that allow big companies to shift profits offshore, as well as to introduce steps to increase transparency. Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury Andrew Leigh told ABC News the policy details were still being nailed down, but Labor would consider how existing laws could be further tightened and, if elected, introduce a "beneficial ownership register" that would make it harder for secret people behind companies to hide who they are and what they get up to.

Le logo de Meta, maison mère de Facebook © Kirill KudryAVTSEV / AFP The META logo, the mother house of Facebook

The mother house of Facebook, Meta, presented a new tool that must allow users to monetize their virtual creations in methavers. It will therefore be necessary to commercialize the numerical goods, services or experiences on which the company will levy an important commission to generate revenue.

In the context of the development of its virtual world called metapes , Meta started the tests of a new tool allowing the creators to monetize what they produce while allowing the mother house of Facebook to generate income by The bias of a commission taken from these sales, reports lemon press according to the information of The Verge . "Our long-term vision of metapes"

You have no idea who Australia’s biggest digital publisher is

  You have no idea who Australia’s biggest digital publisher is Plus: Into the darkness of slow-cooking groups.Last year, Facebook (now Meta) had a problem. US-based journalists and researchers were using Facebook’s own tools to show that right-wing, culture-war content was dominating the platform. In an effort to ~change the narrative~ the tech behemoth began releasing internal data every three months that gave new insights into what was the most popular content on the platform.

All this will take place on the Horizon platform, accessible in VR via the Oculus helmet.

"As part of our continued commitment to supporting creators, we start testing several new tools that will allow creators to experiment different ways to monetize what they are building in Horizon Worlds" , "said Meta.

Thus, the company started offering the possibility for some users to market certain content created in the metapes.

"We launch it today as a test with a handful of creators to get their comments, these types of tools are steps towards our long-term vision of metapes where creators can make a living and people can buy Digital goods, services, and experiences ", added the company. Commissions levied on

Transactions According to the American media The Verge, Horizon will take a 25% commission on these transactions that will first be accessible only to the United States and Canada. This commission will be added to the costs of platforms that will be 30% in the case of VR Oculus helmets.

Finally, the company plans to introduce a bonus system for creators

"in the form of monthly programs focused on objectives where creators are paid at the end of the month for their progression towards the target" and which does not will be "not subject to fees" .

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