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Money: Elon Musk turns the big Twitter wheel

ELON MUSK integrates the Board of Directors of Twitter

 ELON MUSK integrates the Board of Directors of Twitter © AP - Susan Walsh ELON MUSK. ELON MUSK, billionaire and boss, among others, American firms, Spacex producing spatial launchers and Tesla manufacturing electric propulsion vehicles, has integrated on Tuesday, April 5, the Board of Directors of the Social Network Twitter. An arrival that sparked a wave of comments from Internet users.

Dusseldorf. The richest man in the world wants to take over the short message service completely, then take him from the stock market and rebuild according to his ideas. For this deal, he is ready to pay more than $ 40 billion.

Elon Musk gilt als reichster Mensch der Welt. Durch Paypal und Tesla wurde er zum Milliardär. Er gilt als genialer Visionär und Exzentriker. Mit seinen Projekten sorgt er immer wieder für Aufsehen. Sein Raumfahrtunternehmen SpaceX gründete er mit dem Hintergrund, den Mars zu kolonisieren. Elon Musk ist Unternehmer und wurde am  28. Juni 1971 in Pretoria, Südafrika geboren. Er besitzt die südafrikanische, kanadische und seit 2002 die US-amerikanische Staatsbürgerschaft. © Patrick Pleul Elon Musk is considered the richest person in the world. He became a billionaire through PayPal and Tesla. He is considered a genial visionary and eccentric. With his projects, he always causes a stir. His space company Spacex he founded the background to colonize the Mars. Elon Musk is an entrepreneur and was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. He owns the South African, Canadian and since 2002 US citizenship.

One I want to say that no one is ready to invest around $ 41.5 billion in a dying company. Also Elon Musk is not. It's just five days ago, as he has questioned the survivability of the short message service, because famous users like the US Popstars Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Taylor Swift barely set a tweet. That sounded almost a bit reproachful, as if he could not understand that there are people who do not want to sweep their innest to the outside at Twitter. Musk is very different, he regularly supplies his 80 million follower with contributions over the world and as he sees her.

Tesla inaugurates huge Texas plant with party just as big

  Tesla inaugurates huge Texas plant with party just as big Tesla welcomed throngs of electric car lovers to Texas Thursday for a huge party inaugurating a "gigafactory" the size of 100 professional soccer fields. Online buzz has swelled ever since Tesla's colorful but controversial founder and chief executive Elon Musk tweeted word of the event, with reports of perhaps as many as 15,000 guests taking part in the official plant opening in the state capital Austin. Tesla owners posted plans for cross country road trips, while others urged the uninvited to just show up and find a way inside.

now wants to musk, which keeps nine percent of the shares in Twitter, buy the company completely and take after the acquisition of the stock market. Börsians have found the explanation that Musk wanted to move into the Board of Directors after joining Twitter and then not. Namely, there is an agreement that Musk may not have had more than 14.9 percent of the shares as a member of the control panel until 2024.

such restrictions do not apply to the self-image of a man who knows no limits for themselves and that on the other hand wants to govern Twitter alone. Only then could he take the Group as announced by the stock market and prevent the share price and thus also a not insignificant part of the assets of Elon Musk permanently varies in value. Only then Twitter can take advantage of his potential as a platform for freedom of speech, Musk has probably reminiscent of January of last year when the Twitter share buried after the account of the former American President Donald Trump had been blocked.

Shady! Grimes Drops Breakup Song 'Player of Games' 2 Months After Elon Musk Split

  Shady! Grimes Drops Breakup Song 'Player of Games' 2 Months After Elon Musk Split Shady! Grimes Drops Breakup Song 'Player of Games' 2 Months After Elon Musk Split A pointed message? Grimes released her second new song since her split from Elon Musk, and fans couldn’t help but notice some of the track’s shadier lyrics. Elon Musk and Grimes' Relationship Timeline Read article The Alter Ego judge, 33, debuted “Player of Games” on Friday, December 3, two months after she and the Tesla CEO, 50, called it quits. “I’m in love with the greatest gamer / But he’ll always love the game more than he loves me,” reads one lyric.

, of course, MUSK does not want to experience. Twitter has officially established the measure five days after the violent storm of Trump trailers on the Capitol, that the ex-president could use his account for the "further incitement to violence". The fact that Tweets of Trump regularly reflected nervousness from a daily number of 35 regularly of the Republican nervousness and thus also offset the financial markets in restlessness is not hidden to the listed short-message service responsible.

On Thursday, the Twitter share price has taken massively after the announcement Musks. More than ten percent was the plus in between, the stock market value climbed to more than 36 billion dollars (around 33.5 billion euros). For Twitter shareholders, the sale would be a good deal. Especially if you entered courses from converted 13.67 euros five years ago, then your assets would have more than tripled in this time. Even Elon Musk would have earned abundantly if he now, instead of buying, would resell everything. But the American stock market supervision would be present. It already has him on the Kieker because of his allegedly too late Twitter entry anyway. But this is another story.

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