Money: Creative Freedom: Mechanical keyboard with your own Lego bricks customizable

Christians in Afghanistan face routine torture, persecution from family members: watchdog groups

  Christians in Afghanistan face routine torture, persecution from family members: watchdog groups Christians remaining in Afghanistan reportedly face routine persecution from local and national governments, as well as from their own friends, families and communities."There are still Christians in Afghanistan," said Todd Nettleton, an author and radio host who works for the international humanitarian nonprofit Voice of the Martyrs. "I think during the time of the Taliban takeover a year ago, there was a lot of coverage that kind of suggested that all the Christians had fled the country.

With this gaming keyboard inspired by LEGO, it won't get boring so quickly if you still have a few lego bricks at home.

Hier könnt ihr kreativ Werden. © Melgeek Here you can become creative.

gaming keyboards do not always have to come serious, seriously and with as much RGB lighting as possible. The keyboard Melgeek Pixel drives a different approach here. This is a mechanical keyboard in Lego look.

It not only has the right look, but also the functionality. If you still have a box with Lego bricks at home, you can design the keyboard according to your own wishes.

around the buttons itself offers the keyboard some area on which you can use the colorful stones to conjure up patterns and creations. There are no limits to creativity.

Los Angeles, Chicago reeling from weekend of 'dangerous' street takeovers, racing

  Los Angeles, Chicago reeling from weekend of 'dangerous' street takeovers, racing Police in Los Angeles and Chicago are cracking down on what they are calling "dangerous" street racing and takeovers that has devolved into violence in their cities.Los Angeles, California, residents began protesting over the weekend in a neighborhood where an upcoming "Fast & Furious" installment is set to film, as locals prepare for an uptick in street racing – an increase that happens in the wake of every installment of the racing movie franchise.

All interchangeable

You can also adjust the keys yourself as you wish. To do this, simply remove the keycaps and exchange the Lego stones under them. So you get a mechanical keyboard that you can design individually. In addition, you can change the look at any time how it fits you.

This applies not only to the front, but also to the back. How often you can see her is certainly another question. The small status lamps also have a transparent Lego stone on top. In theory, you can even build something on it.

keyboard not yet on the market

The Lego keyboard should be able to be connected to the PC by cable or wirelessly if it comes onto the market. However, we do not yet know when this is ready. On the website you can only leave your email address and then get the option to buy the keyboard for 199 US dollars as a pre-orderer when it appears. The keyboard should cost $ 269 regularly.

The topics of Lego and Gaming do not only come together in the mechanical keyboard. Epic Games and Lego want to create an child -friendly meta -verse .

exactly what is behind the project from the Fortnite developer and the block manufacturer is not yet known. However, they want to "create an immersive, creatively inspiring and captivating digital experience".

The tiny murder scenes of forensic scientist Frances Glessner Lee .
Lee was a diorama-maker, criminal investigation educator and the first female police captain in the US.A husband and wife, lying in their bedroom, their baby in her crib in the adjacent nursery. A typical family on a typical morning, minus the red bloodstains on the beige bedroom carpet and the pink and white striped wallpaper behind the crib. All three family members, mother, father and baby, have been shot to death.

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