Money: Tesla boss Musk leads robot prototypes in front of

Elon Musk calls for more babies and producing more oil

 Elon Musk calls for more babies and producing more oil when a journalist questions Elon Musk about the biggest challenges the world faces, the 51 -year -old entrepreneur responds in his own way. After having cited the transition to renewable energies, he mentioned the birth rate. "Believe me: the baby crisis is a big problem," said Tesla founder. Invited as part of a conference on energies in the city of Stavanger, Norway, the father above all angled his remarks around the decrease in the number of births, which for him is very disturbing.

The electric car manufacturer Tesla demonstrated the prototype of a humanoid robot. The machine with uninhibited mechanical joints and cables took a few steps on a stage at an event at night and waved to the audience. Tesla is aiming for a price at $ 20,000 for the robot called “Optimus”, said company boss Elon Musk.

Elon Musk ist Geschäftsführer des Elektroauto-Herstellers Tesla. © Ringo H.W. Chiu/FR170512 AP/dpa Elon Musk is the managing director of the electric car manufacturer Tesla. The “Optimus” prototype moved much awkward as the more well-known humanoid robots from the Boston Dynamics company, who can dance and jump. However, Musk sees an advantage for the Tesla robot in the fact that it can use the company's electric cars for the recognition of its surroundings on the technology of the “Autopilot” driving assistance system.

The Tech billionaire was convinced that robots could cause a future with abundance, a future without poverty ". In the past, Musk had already predicted that the robot project could become more important than Tesla's car production over time. At the “Optimus” announcement a year ago, Tesla had put a person in a robot costume, which caused some ridicule at the time.

Elon Musk Addresses Estrangement from Daughter: 'Can't Win Them All' .
The billionaire recently opened up about what he thinks drove a wedge between himself and his 18-year-old daughter.In a recent interview with Financial Times, the Tesla CEO and billionaire says his 18-year-old daughter Vivian, has been poisoned against him by "neo-Marxists" and the allure of communist influences in elite educational institutions.

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