Money: Tesla again with delivery record

California City Responds To Rising Bike And E-Bike Accidents

  California City Responds To Rising Bike And E-Bike Accidents The Carlsbad City Council is implementing infrastructure and drivers’ education initiatives to make city streets safer for cyclists. As more and more people get on bikes as alternatives to taking their cars to wherever they want to go, it goes without saying that the number of accidents involving bicycles and e-bikes is bound to increase, too. That’s just the way it is, unfortunately, as there are indeed a multitude of factors to consider when riding a bicycle on public streets—and it’s simply a fact that you’re way more exposed on a bike than in a car.

Tesla has reached the next record in the deliveries in the past quarter - but at the same time failed even higher expectations of analysts. The company from Tech-billiard Elon Musk brought 343,830 electric cars to buyers from July to September. The previous record value was over 310,000 in the first quarter of this year.

Tesla-Produktion in der Gigafactory Grünheide. Tesla hat im vergangenen Quartal einen Rekord bei seinen Auslieferungen aufgestellt. © Patrick Pleul/DPA central picture/dpa Tesla production in the Gigafactory Grünheide. Tesla set a record in his deliveries in the past quarter.

Tesla is currently expanding its production, including the capacities in the two new works in Grünheide near Berlin and in Texas. Production thus reached almost 365,923 electric cars in the past quarter - mostly from volume models 3 and Y.

analysts had expected 358,000 deliveries. In the announcement, Tesla pointed out that it was difficult, especially in the hot delivery phase at the end of the quarter, to secure transport capacities at a reasonable price.

A lot of attention is paid to Tesla's delivery figures - because they are a yardstick for how well the electric pioneer is against the increasing competition of established car companies in the shop. The question is also currently to what extent inflation and the economic worries could slow down the market.

Itty Bitty EV Sets World Record, 0-62 MPH In 1.461 Seconds .
The Tesla Model S Plaid and Rimac Nevera are no longer the quickest accelerating EVs. According to the Förderverein GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V., they've officially set a new Guinness World Record. The team succeeded in its "Mission World Record" and has actually already received official confirmation from Guinness that it holds the new record for the quickest-accelerating EV ever built. © InsideEVs xjDK0LhKkMs Until recently, the quickest-accelerating EV was the Tesla Model S Plaid, which the automaker says can zoom from zero to 60 mph in just shy of two seconds.

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