Money: Elon Musk once again proposes to buy Twitter, at the agreed price in April

Twitter buyout: Elon Musk summoned for a test

 Twitter buyout: Elon Musk summoned for a test © SP/Tesla Twitter Association: Elon Musk summoned for an deposition in the case which opposes Twitter, the billionaire is summoned next week to perform his Disposition before the lawyers of the social network. Elon Musk will have to answer questions from the lawyers for Twitter for two, even three days, next week, as part of the legal battle around its 44 billion dollar buy -back agreement in the social network , to which He wants to give up.

the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk had ended the Twitter buyout agreement in the amount of $ 44 billion in early July.

  Elon Musk propose à nouveau de racheter Twitter, au prix convenu en avril © provided by Franceinfo

Elon Musk has changed his mind again. The boss of Tesla finally proposed to Twitter to buy the social network at the agreed price in April, two weeks from the planned trial between the two parties on this hectic acquisition. The entrepreneur "intends to conclude the transaction envisaged by the buyout agreement of April 25, 2022", in the expected terms, wrote his lawyers in a letter addressed to the Californian group on Monday, and filed Tuesday October 4 with the American stock market gendarme, The dry.

Twitter ensures that Elon Musk has no evidence on the false accounts of the social network

 Twitter ensures that Elon Musk has no evidence on the false accounts of the social network © Michaelvi/Adobe Stock Twitter ensures that Elon Musk has no evidence on the false accounts of the social network The network Social seems certain that Tesla boss analysts have no evidence concerning a supposed undervaluation of the number of false accounts.

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only condition expressed in the letter: the end of legal proceedings in progress before the specialized court of Delaware. Elon Musk had proposed in the spring to acquire the platform for 54.20 dollars per share, therefore valuing it at $ 44 billion. The board of directors, first very reluctant, had finally accepted, but the richest man in the world had returned unilaterally to this agreement in July . Twitter had then launched prosecution to force him to honor his commitment, and everything indicated that he was well positioned to win.

Tuesday, the group confirmed in a brief press release "having received the letter" and intended to conclude this transaction "at the defined price. The title of Twitter took more than 22% on the New York Stock Exchange, after being suspended all afternoon "pending information", after an article by the American news agency Bloomberg which revealed this twist .

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