Money: Cold: 4 tips to avoid the heats

Casey Anthony reportedly accuses father George in death of 2-year-old daughter, Caylee: 'She was cold'

  Casey Anthony reportedly accuses father George in death of 2-year-old daughter, Caylee: 'She was cold' A three-part docuseries, "Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies," is expected to air on Peacock on Nov. 29, according to a 38-second teaser released Tuesday."Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies," will be released later this month and features Anthony’s first on-camera interview since she was found not guilty of her daughter’s murder. In the three-part docuseries, the now-36-year-old provided new details and pinned the blame on her father, much like defense attorneys did during her 2011 trial, according to

Froid : 4 astuces pour éviter les gerçures © Adobe Stock Cold: 4 tips to avoid the heems

The chapters are cracks or shallow crevices, which appear at the level of the surface layer of the skin (epidermis). Their appearance is very special: they can look like a cracking or a cut made with a sheet. MEDISITE gives you his advice to heal the chapters with ease!

The areas most affected by the chapters (lips and hands) are those which are most exposed to our external environment. Indeed, The dehydration linked to the cold is the main cause of the chapters since it dries up the skin and weakens it. Nevertheless, other factors promote the appearance of chapses:

an excessive heating ; A dry indoor air ; An allergy in the sun ; Certain respiratory disorders (breathing through the mouth, for example). You have a sensitive and atopic skin. Protect yourself from the cold

even if they remain benign, The chapters are painful and sometimes unsightly . Indeed, the affected area is dry, even irritated and reveals micro-cuts that can give rise to small bleeding. It is therefore necessary to prevent their appearance, especially in winter, by covering the sensitive areas and the most exposed to the cold by gloves, caps, coats, shawls or scarves ...

Casey Anthony tell-all: Experts question acquitted 'tot mom's' renewed claims, 'I believe nothing she says'

  Casey Anthony tell-all: Experts question acquitted 'tot mom's' renewed claims, 'I believe nothing she says' "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies" documents the first time the woman appeared on camera since she was found not guilty of Caylee’s murder, but guilty of lying to police.Legal experts, who familiar with Casey Anthony’s 2011 Florida trial and claims made over a decade later in an upcoming tell-all show, weighed in on her renewed accusations against her father, with one questioning, "how do you trust her?" 

at home, especially in The bedroom, check that the temperature is 18 ° C. Indeed, according to the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance, this is the ideal temperature for this room.

Rehydrate your skin

In addition to the lips and hands, The chapters can appear in women in the nipples during breastfeeding. Whatever their location, they must be hydrated , because by letting a chapter close alone, The healing can be long .

" The hydration of the epidermis with a chapter, several times a day, is essential , and this, from the first symptoms of drying of the skin," recommends Dr. You Anh Duong, dermatologist within the group Paris-Saclay AP-HP university hospital. "For this, You must use creams with healing virtues that can be found in pharmacies and parapharmacy as well as specific balms for lips. Creams based on hyaluronic acid are also very effective in coming end of the chapters. "

Chris Hemsworth swam in ice -cold arctic waters to live longer - what you can do at home

 Chris Hemsworth swam in ice -cold arctic waters to live longer - what you can do at home © National Geographic for Disney+/Craig Parry Regular cold shower can lead to a longer, healthier life. regular cold showers can lead to a longer, healthier life. To test the limits of human resilience, Chris Hemsworth has swim in the Arctic in ice -cold water. In one of the most difficult experiences of his career over 220 meters in an Arctic fjord, the "Thor" star has swim in an arctic fjord-to lead a longer, healthier life.

To clean your hands and face, it is also better to use surgras soaps with neutral pH , also called dermatological soaps.

bet on the remedies of grandmother

about forty years ago, Honey and beeswax were widely used to treat the chappers, especially those of the lips. Today, you can find manuka honey creams or beeswax in the cosmetic department of organic stores.

To be used optimally, The beeswax should be mixed with sweet almond oil for example. Another natural option, shea butter is also a good remedy for crevices.

Opt for the "Super Glue"

as amazing as it may seem, recent studies have shown that the channels made up of hands and feet can be effectively treated using "super glue" . It is a cyanoacrylate -based glue.

In this case, The wound must not touch the mucous membranes, it must be shallow, with a length of less than 5 cm and it should no longer bleed. "Obviously, in case of allergy to cyanoacrylate, the use of 'super glue' must be banned," said Dr. Tu Anh Duong. In any case, before using this type of glue, it is necessary to request the advice of a dermatologist.

Attention, Despite this care, some chapters may persist or reappear, then infected (especially in the event of a net cut and bleeding). They can also be due to the presence of skin diseases such as as labial herpes or yeast infection. In this case, a consultation with a general practitioner or a dermatologist is necessary to obtain the right diagnosis.

Finally, Diabetic persons must be vigilant in case of cracks with toes or heel, because they often suffer from poor blood circulation of the legs and a loss of sensitivity to pain. However, A processed chapter late heals badly and risks generating diabetic foot syndrome (foot injuries) requiring heavy and complex care.

Weather. Temperatures below seasonal normal this weekend .
© Stéphane Cugnier of low precipitation in the form of rain and mixed snow will affect the central massif and the Alps, but also the Norman hills. The first days of December mark the real start of winter. The arrival of a cold air mass makes mercury lower. Temperatures will remain below seasonal normal throughout the weekend and in the coming days, but without excessive cold. The weekend is marked by installing a disturbance on France.

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