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Money: In Bègles, energy suppliers will no longer be able to cut the current in the event of unpaid

‘Just’ energy transitions need more transparency, less gas

  ‘Just’ energy transitions need more transparency, less gas There’s growing concern that the Just Energy Transition Partnership could serve as a cover for a pivot back to gas.Leaders attending the G20 summit that started in Indonesia today and the ongoing COP27 climate summit in Egypt are expected to push for increased investment in oil and gas exploration.

Face à l'explosion des coups de l'énergie et à l'augmentation du nombre de Français ayant des difficultés à payer leurs factures, le maire de Bègles en Gironde a décidé de prendre une décision radicale. Désormais sur sa commune, il sera impossible aux fournisseurs de couper l'électricité en cas d'impayés. © Antoine WDO / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP in the face of the explosion of energy and increase In the number of French people having difficulty paying their bills, the mayor of Bègles en Gironde decided to make a radical decision. Now in his town, suppliers will be impossible to cut electricity in the event of unpaid.

This is a welcome budget extension within the framework of the flambé of energy prices . The National Assembly voted this Wednesday an additional envelope of 2.5 billion euros to finance the energy check of some 12 million French households, this aid of 100 to 200 euros which should be paid by the end of the 'year.

We fact checked Victorian Labor's claim that Matthew Guy cut $1 billion from health. Here's what we found

  We fact checked Victorian Labor's claim that Matthew Guy cut $1 billion from health. Here's what we found Labor is running ads with a claim about the Victorian opposition leader that doesn't stack up.In a number of ads run on YouTube, Liberal leader Matthew Guy is branded by the Victorian Labor Party as "the Liberals' cuts guy" who, as a senior minister "cut $1 billion from health".

A boost, of course, but which will not be enough to fight against social distress. So some mayors have decided to make radical decisions. Thus in Bègles en Gironde, energy cuts in the event of unpaid people are now prohibited by municipal decree. The latter will remain in force even after the winter break.

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"more and more people can no longer pay their invoices"

in the streets of the small town, the new appeals to the inhabitants. "I find it rather humanist," said one of them at Europe 1. "I think it's good. Afterwards, it must be executed, that's all," says another citizen, a septic brown. At the origin of this idea: Clément Rossignol-Puech, the mayor of the city.

"In my Communal Center for Social Action, there are more and more people who cannot pay their bills for families, young people, single -parent families", specifies the elected environmentalist, who has seen exploding 40% Social assistance requests between 2019 and 2022.

alert energy suppliers

"Social landlords also tell us that more and more tenants cannot pay. Me, this decree, I I took to raise awareness of the government, alert energy suppliers to say 'as long as there is no social justice in this very strong conjecture of increased energy, well I prohibit energy cuts on My town ', "he explains at the blue microphone.

If the decree is very symbolic, the latter is likely to be attacked before the administrative justice by the State. The mayor of Bègles considers that the government must in any case revise the mechanism of the price shield scheduled for next year.

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