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Money: Klepsch: Positive tourism numbers in autumn give hope

Giving Thanks for What We’ve Averted

  Giving Thanks for What We’ve Averted Americans have dodged some disasters over the past few years. Let’s not forget it.It’s time for us to look around and realize, with gratitude, not only what we have, but how many terrible outcomes we’ve escaped.

for tourism in Saxony there is a hopeful sign after the break-in during the Corona period. Tourism minister Barbara Klepsch (CDU) sees a trend upwards at the end of the third quarter. "But this is still not a pre-crisis level in 2019," she said on Tuesday, referring to the current statistics in Dresden.

Reisende warten an einem Bahnhof auf ihren Zug. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/Symbol image Travelers are waiting for their train at a train station.

guest arrivals were still underneath with 18.3 percent and guest overnight stays with 14 percent. There were 5.2 million arrivals and 13.4 million overnight stays by the end of September, and in the same period in 2019 it was 6.3 million and 15.6 million. In particular, tourists from abroad were missing.

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"On average, the arrivals are 32.3 percent and the overnight stays with 32.3 percent below those from 2019," said Klepsch. That is the case throughout Germany, but "only a small consolation". Within the Free State, the losses moved between 6.1 percent in the Leipzig region in 2019 and 27.3 percent in ELBLAND. "But in September you can see an increase, that's positive." According to Klepsch,

, however, recorded Saxon Switzerland a decline of 25.6 percent compared to the same month last year. "This is also strongly due to the forest fires." The additional instant aid were good. "130 applications are submitted and over one million euros have been received," she said. In order to increase for the region in winter and until the new year, "we put another 100,000 euros on marketing", in addition to the 300,000 euros provided by Tourismus Marketing Society Saxony. According to Klepsch,

, however, also makes the shortage of skilled workers further troubled by tourism. There are no numbers of how many migrated in the Corona crisis. "Reconstruction is an issue," she said. Hope gives the training figures to rose again to pre-pandemic level.

Indonesia bans sex outside marriage in new criminal code .
By Ananda Teresia and Kate Lamb JAKARTA (Reuters) -Indonesia's parliament approved a new criminal code on Tuesday that bans sex outside marriage with a punishment of up to one year in jail, despite worries the laws may scare away tourists from its tropical shores and harm investment. The new code, which will apply to Indonesians and foreigners alike, also prohibit cohabitation between unmarried couples. It will also ban insulting the president or state institutions, spreading views counter to the state ideology, and staging protests without notification.

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