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İlkay Gündoğan's girlfriend Sara presents her baby bump on the World Cup grandstand

 İlkay Gündoğan's girlfriend Sara presents her baby bump on the World Cup grandstand © DDP Images/Star-Images, Alex Gottschalk/Vi/Defodi Images Via Getty Images İlkay Gündoğan-his Sara presents her baby bump on the World Cup grands (32) and his wife Sara (maiden name Arfaoui, 27) are definitely among the dream couples of German football. Soon the two even expect young people. A few weeks ago, they only informed their fans via Instagram that they could hardly wait to become parents and posted a photo that shows Sara with a significantly rounded baby ball .

long before two people fall in love with each other, it is usually the first impression that counts. But what did you actually think when you met your later partner for the first time? Was it like in the film and great love at first glance? Or rather a creeping process of falling in love? Or did you actually find your future partner pretty shit? ELITEDAILY got to the bottom of the matter and has selected the best Reddit answers from the male users. Here are the 11 mostly sugar -sweet answers.

reddit-liste-mann-traegt-frau-auf-schultern © provided by Refresh News Reddit-List-List-Mann-Traegt-Frau-Rüultern

1 “I immediately thought that it was extremely pretty and sweet. I immediately liked her smile and shiny hair. Unfortunately we are no longer together, but we had a fantastic relationship for five years. "

William and Kate head to the US for first time in eight years

  William and Kate head to the US for first time in eight years Prince William and his wife Kate head to the United States this week for their first visit in eight years, and the popular couple's inaugural trip as prince and princess of Wales. Unusually though for William and Kate, who are used to their public appearances dominating headlines in the UK, they may have to deal with playing second fiddle to Harry and Meghan in the United States. The Sussexes are more popular in the United States and on December 6 are due to receive a major humanitarian award from the Robert Kennedy foundation in New York.

2" She had the sweetest southern states accent and was as dressed as the type of woman I always wanted. Today we are married and soon get a child. It is still top styled. ”

3“ I almost didn't notice it because of her bad clothing taste. Oversize T-shirt and 90’s Umbra shorts in station wagon with un-fashionable sunglasses. So it wasn't the best first meeting. "

4" When I met her in third grade, I thought "she is so pretty, but why is she always mean to me?" A few years later I met her and again and a few years later If she found it super hot, assumed that she was already forgiven. But it wasn't like that and now we are together. "

5" I thought she was nice, but also quite boring. At that time it might have been the same, but a lot has changed since then. ”

6“ It was cute, sweet and special. At the same time, however, she was also sad and tried to hide that. When I saw her for the first time, I thought she was an incredible beautiful person. So I got her. "

Vanessa Mai: "I hate you now"-Helene-Fischer comparison hurts

 Vanessa Mai: © Imago/Hannelore Förster; Imago/picture agency MONN Vanesa Mai: "I hate you now": Helene fisherman comparison hurt Vanessa Mai (30) without question is one of the most successful artists in Germany: numerous hits, own fashion brand, brand new Spiegel bestseller, three-part documentation- and now even your own music and games show. And of all people, old wounds are now being torn open.

7" I thought that she was too cool and pretty for a guy like me. "

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8 “She had the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. Even from the other side of the room. Then her Aussie accent and her preference for Cards Against Humanity. "

9" She couldn't hold her flap, really never. But that didn't bother me for the first time with a woman. "

10" Wow, was everything I could think. "

11" She was the most beautiful girl in the class. "

cover picture: Pexels/Unsplash under CC0 license

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