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Money: Elon Musk wants to step down as a Twitter boss

Media: According to US media, Twitter solves advisory committee on

 Media: According to US media, Twitter solves advisory committee on Twitter, a committee has dissolved the short message service in dealing with hate messages and other problems on the platform. Members of the so -called “Trust and Safety Council” should actually meet company representatives on Monday evening, such as the AP news agency and the “Wall Street Journal”. Shortly before, Twitter informed the members that the committee was dissolved.

Elon Musk wants to step down as a Twitter boss-but only when an has been followed by . This was tweeting the owner of the short message service on Tuesday (local time). Twitter users had previously spoken out for its resignation in a survey himself initiated by Musk . However, it currently indicates little that Musk quickly finds a suitable candidate for the top job.

Elon Musk bei einem Pressetermin auf dem Gelände der Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide. © Patrick Pleul/dpa Pool/dpa Elon Musk at a press date on the site of the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide.

Musk had already warned before the vote that there were no prospects who were able to "actually keep Twitter alive". He himself had taken over the top post in the course of his approximately $ 44 billion purchase of the internet platform in October. However, Musk had already signaled that this should not be a permanent solution. He also heads the electric car manufacturer Tesla and the rocket company SpaceX. So far,

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Musks have been shaped by chaos and controversies for almost two months as the "Head of Twitter". After a number of highly controversial decisions, the headwind for the 51-year-old star entrepreneur has recently become increasingly stronger. The Twitter survey he initiated on Sunday was also quite clear: 57.5 percent of the 17.5 million votes from

were for resignation. Musk had previously assured that he would stick to the result of the vote.

Critics of Elon Musks fear more agitation on Twitter

Musk's Twitter purchase had caused a lot of suspicion right from the start. The multi -billionaire justified the takeover as an action to strengthen freedom of speech. However, critics feared a further brutalization of the internet platform and ensured that the change of ownership could lead to more unbridled hate messages, agitation and disinformation. Musk did not succeed in clearing up these concerns. On the contrary: With a wave of termination, erratic changes and other explosive decisions, he shaked the online network and scare -up customers - the most important source of income. (dpa)

Russia Celebrates Turning Elon Musk Into a Useful Idiot .
On Monday, former Russian President and current Vladimir Putin stooge Dmitry Medvedev issued a flurry of outlandish predictions on his personal Twitter account. Among them: a Fourth Reich will be created in Europe; there will be a war between France and said Fourth Reich; Poland and Hungary will attack and occupy western regions of Ukraine; civil war will break out in the U.S., which would then split up, with Elon Musk emerging as a president; the E.U. will collapse; the International Monetary Fund would cease to exist; and all stock markets and financial activities will leave Europe and the U.S. and move to Asia.

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