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Offbeat: pizza buitoni contaminated at e. coli: two complaints in Bordeaux

Racist costil? A complaint will be filed

 Racist costil? A complaint will be filed © provided by It is in conflict with the Bordeaux supporters. A Bordeaux , the crisis is not only sports, it is much deeper. Sunday, during the defeat against Montpellier (0-2), Benoît Costil had an altercation with some supporters of the Girondins. The goalkeeper accused some ultra group leaders from being at the balance of the Aquitaine club leaders, including Gérard Lopez. In return, Costil has been accused of racist behavior, just like his former Laurent Koscielny.

in all there were 75 cases of poisoning, mostly of children, two of which are dead

Les pizzas Buitoni sont soupçonnées d'être à l'origine d'une recrudescence de la bactérie E. coli en France. © Pixabay pizzas Buitoni are suspected of being at the origin of A resurgence of the E. coli bacterium in France. poisoning - in all there were 75 cases of poisoning, largely children, two of which are dead

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while multiplying the cases of children's contamination by the Escherichia coli bacterium, largely related to the consumption of fresh pizza pizza of the brand Buitoni, France Info ad this Friday that two complaints were filed with the Office of Bordeaux. Both were filed by parents whose children were hospitalized, specifies the information site. The parquet explains that investigations are made to determine if it is the Escherichia coli strain that is involved for these two sick children. According to the information from France Info, other complaints of parents will be filed in the coming hours.

company Buitoni pizzas at the origin of the increase in the number of patients related to the bacterium E. coli healthpizzas contaminated at e. Coli: Nestlé assures having made negative tests in the factory

Pizza Buitoni Contaminated: The counsel for 37 families calls for a judge to be seized .
© Pierre Devisson Pierre Debussis believes that the investigation entrusted to the parquet is not sufficient. "This is one of the biggest food scandals of the last twenty years, and yet there is still no opening of judicial information! In a letter sent Friday to the Paris Attorney, Laure Beccuau, Pierre Debisson, who represents 37 families asking justice in the case of the Pizzas Buitoni, formally requests the referral "one or more judges of instruction".

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